Meeting September 12 Details
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Meeting 12 September 2018 Details

The Hawker Association meeting at the Hawker Centre at 2pm on 12th September is a special social. The committee is asking members if they would like to share their hobbies and interests.

The options are to have a 5 to 10 minute slot to talk about one of your hobbies and interests or simply to bring things to display as a talking point with other members.

There will be small tables as well as a laptop and projector available on the day.

 We already have offers to display a model aircraft collection, to give a slide show of photographs of a stretch of Thames through the seasons, and a short talk on a first year as a volunteer at Brooklands Museum.

You can just bring things along on the day but if you would like to give a short talk and/or slideshow it would help if you could let us know beforehand to pre-arrange a programme.

Please contact Frank Rainsborough via e-mail  or phone 01784 247888.