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Archived Future Event Items 2021

Future Events that have been on the News page but are no longer current are generally transferred to an archive. As there are generally more announcements of Future event than News; each have their own archive page from 2017.

10 March at 14:00 there will be a Zoom meeting/talk; Dick Poole will talk on “The Evolution of The Royal Club to the Present Day and Early Flying in Southern England”.

10 February at 14:00 a Zoom Forum gives a rare opportunity to hear three ex-Dunsfold Test Pilots, Chris Roberts, Heinz Frick and Bernie Scott, talk about some of their flying experiences, and answering questions on a variety of aspects related to their flying careers.  Feel free to ask questions about anything to do with Dunsfold test flying or about their experience before and after life as an Industrial Test Pilot. Bear in mind that much of the flying from Dunsfold was on non-test flying tasks like customer demonstrations, training, and ferrying.  Some of the ferry flights got very interesting to say the least! A link to join the meeting was given in emails sent to members on 2nd and 9th February.

13 January We held a successful first virtual meeting in November 2020, so we will have a second awker Association Zoom Htalk on Wednesday 13th January at 14:00. The speaker will be Committee member David Hassard talking about the 1919 Great Trans-Atlantic Air Race. The story of all 12 contenders including Hawker and Mackenzie Grieve in the Sopwith Atlantic, Rainham and Morgan in the Martinsyde Raymor, Alcock and Whitton-Brown in the Vickers Vimy and the US Navy Curtiss flying boats. The 'doors' will be open from 20 minutes before to allow time to get everybody in, so an early log-on will avoid the rush. Depending on the number joining you may be placed into a separate 'breakout room' so you can chat while others join. You will automatically be returned to the main meeting before it starts. There is a limit on the number of users so we will be taking pre-registrations from now up to and including Tuesday 12th January. An email with a registration link was sent to members on 1 January. If you have a problem please ring Richard on 01932 789936.

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