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Hawker Association 2018 Summer Barbecue Story update 27Jun18  

On Wednesday 13th June, the annual Summer BBQ was held at the Hawker YMCA Centre in Richmond Road, Kingston: the usual venue. The weather was dry, bright and warm; not too sunny and not too hot, just right for us seniors. Thirty Members and Guests were in attendance, which was five more than last year.

The Members started to arrive from 12.15 and since the weather was so fine , everyone spent the whole afternoon seated outside on the paved patio area facing the river.

The BBQ was ready for business at 1.15 and everyone was served with sausages, chicken and burgers with a burger bun and then served themselves from a selection of salads from a salad table.

The YMCA very generously provided us with red, white and rose wines to have with the food, which was an unexpected pleasure and very much appreciated.

The food, wine and social intercourse was so enjoyable, that everyone was still sitting on the patio at 3.30 pm, when it was felt it was time to go before "schools out" crowds.  However, before the mass exodus, the Raffle was held and five lucky winners went home with something edible, drinkable or useful.

By general consent, it was felt that this 2018 BBQ was probably the best yet with excellent quality and quantity of food, delightful wines all set off by lovely weather. Since the 2017 BBQ was also felt to be "the best yet", a very high standard is being set for 2019!

The Committee warmly thanked the Kingston YMCA staff for a most enjoyable afternoon and the generous gift of wine.

And so we now await and plan for the Xmas Lunch! Dear oh dear. which the organiser said had some excellent prizes!

Ken Batstone.

Unfortunately Frank Rainsborough wasn’t able to be at the BBQ. These pictures taken with my phone aren’t up to his quality. I am trying rollover popup to display a larger version of a photo. Same photos in Google. Richard Cannon