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John Farley Commemoration at Brooklands Museum update 14Oct18

On 10th October nearly 200 people attended John Farley’s Commemoration at Brooklands Museum, it was held in the Napier Room where a big screen displayed a continuous slide-show of photographs and video clips covering all facets of John’s life, a fascinating and entertaining pictorial record.

At 14:00 a welcome and an introduction was given by Chris Roberts. He then spoke about the young John, John’s apprenticeship and his early career.

John Heron followed Chris talking about the John Farley days in the RAF, in the UK and Germany.

Dick Poole then detailed John’s  test work at ETPS (Empire Test Pilots' School) and at Aero Flight at Bedford.

Colin Wilson followed describing John’s Harrier career and the Hawker years, and then, moving on through the time-line.

Dave Southwood covered John’s work post-RAE, his teaching and inspiring the next generation.

Chris Roberts returned to the lectern to give a summary of John's career in aviation, and finally, to the exact scheduled time, at 15:15, Adele Farley thanked everybody for attending, thanked those who had planned and organised the commemoration, thanked all those who had been supporting her these recent months and Adele thanked particularly those closest to her and John for their help and support.

With the biographies and thanks concluded that part of the commemoration was over. A buffet tea was then served enabling people to mingle, meet and reminisce with old friends and colleagues.

Gradually people departed and the event ended at about 17:30.  An extremely well planned and executed event, as John Farley OBE AFC CEng would have himself done. He deserved nothing less.