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News updated 14Jan19

Kingston Aviation Centenary Project (KACP)

The website continues to be updated with very interesting weekly stories of Sopwith 100 years ago, Hawker People stories and photos added to the gallery.

There is a very interesting set of PDF files giving a short history of the Ham factory; best to return to the Menu, from a pdf file display, using the back arrow or backspace key.

Brooklands Museum

The Re-Engineering Brooklands project.

The museum needs volunteers; could you spend a few hours a week helping out. More


On 16 March very sadly George Woods passed away aged 95; his funeral is on Tuesday 16 April. George will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

11:00 Christ Church, Guildford Road, Ottershaw, Surrev, KT16 0PB

12:00 Woking Crematorium, Hermitage Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 8TJ

13:00 Sands at Bleak House, Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5NL.

On Sunday 3rd March sadly Air Vice-Marshal Leslie Phipps died following a short battle with cancer; his passing was very peaceful and he remained alert and positive to the end. Les left clear instructions that he wanted a private family funeral, but did ask that his other friends and colleagues should “raise a glass” and “not be gloomy” also, “if they wanted to, make a donation to their chosen charity”. His niece, Julia Trowles, says please do pass on this information to members of the Association and anyone you feel would be interested.  

02 March Sadly Norman De Viell, who worked on the Hunter, Hawk and Harrier at Dunsfold for 40 years from 1953 passed away peacefully on 2nd March. Norman's funeral will take place at Guildford Crematorium on Monday 1st April at 11:15, with a wake and buffet lunch afterwards at nearby Puttenham Golf Club.

Association Ties are available at a cost of £7.50. Details


Are you a Member ? If you have worked for Hawkers or a successor company you are eligible to join. In addition membership may, at the discretion of the Committee, also be granted to those people who share the interests and aims of the Association. Check the list of qualifying companies. The subscription is only £7. Membership Application form; PDF Document (3kb).

Most of the talks given to the Association are videoed by Richard Cannon. If you missed a talk many are available as a video DVD; the List also gives links to the newsletter stories of talks.

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Next Events

On Wednesday 8 May Karl Wingett-Smith will talk on Aircraft Development. There will be a committee meeting in the morning.

 Dunsfold Wings and Wheels is on 15 & 16 June. Terry Walker sent me this link to a Vulcan XH558 Facebook page that says due to developments this will be the LAST Dunsfold Wings and Wheels although I haven’t noticed it on the Wings and Wheels website.

12 April Top 10 Pilot Carrier Takeoffs & Landings (10:15); I found some of this very interesting especially from 1:40 to 4:40 which is a Harrier landing with a failed nose wheel.

On March 13 Ambrose Barber gave a talk on “Fresh Interests Since Retirement”; story, photos

25 February Newsletter 53 Spring 2019 PDF is available online.

On Wednesday 9th February Chris Roberts gave a very interesting talk on the pioneers in Aviation from Chinese kites to the space age; story, photos

On Wednesday 9th December the delicious 16th annual Christmas Lunch was held in the YMCA Hawker Centre; story, Photos, News letter 53 story.

On Wednesday 11 November David Hassard gave a very interesting talk on the Aircraft Industry in Surrey in the Great War; News letter 53 story


On Wednesday 10 October there was a John Farley Commemoration at Brooklands Museum; story. John give a talk to BTM (Brooklands Trust Members) on The Harrier Story on 24 May 2015. It was Videoed by BTM; it is well worth watching.


02 September General Data Protection. The Hawker Association Data Protection Policy was published in

Newsletter 51 Summer 2018 that was sent to all members.


30 August The end of Dunsfold aerodrome. Although there was strong opposition planning approval has been given for the development of Dunsfold Park; it includes 1800 houses and the removal of the runways.

01 August This web site has been developed and is maintained by Richard Cannon primarily to provide an additional communication and information channel for The Hawker Association.

Since its creation in 2003 until August 2018 it has been hosted on the web space include with my TalkTalk broadband. They gave me 2 weeks notice that it was being discontinued.

Member John Gardner offered me spare web space he had on; many thanks for being a big help. If anything isn’t working please let me know; if am not told I can’t fix it.  

24 July The Hawker Association has taken on an exiting new project involving the last Hunter T7 made (XL 623); story, video, News letter 53 story, excellent 8:00 time lapse of lowering to ground. Video from initial study to lower XP 623 on to a lorry (16:30).

13 June was a fine day for the 30 members attending the excellent Summer BBQ; story, photos.

9 May  Ed Hui gave a very interesting talk on paper aeroplanes and many other topics.

11 April there was the AGM; Photos  

14 March Dick Poole gave a very interesting talk on the Harrier ski-jump flight trials to around 38 members and 7 guests; photos. Also Graham James, a Brooklands volunteer and a key member of the Harrier Special Interest Group section of the IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) displayed some of his Harrier models; photos of Graham’s collection of 32 models.

15 January When Google changed from Picasa Web Albums to Google Photos they removed the option to give public access to albums and the Photo link in the Menu stopped working; I couldn’t find a fix until now. Links to all 19 albums can be seen on one page again. It needed all the photos to be uploaded which meant all the links to albums have had to be updated; if there are any problems please let the webmaster know using the link in the banner. Unfortunately Google have disabled the fix and new albums won’t be seen in the albums page.


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