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Newsletter 4
Autumn 2003

Updated on 24Oct2003

Published by the Hawker Association for the Members.
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On the 3rd September the Indian Government announced the selection of the Hawk as the Indian Air Forces Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT). Of the 66 aircraft, 24 will be built at Brough/Warton and 42 in partnership with Hindustan Aeronautics in India

According to The Times, it is 18 years (1985) since Delhi first showed interest in the Hawk. Can any Members confirm this? The Editor's belief is that it was considerably earlier.

All this is good news for Hawk enthusiasts, following our Government's decision to buy up to 44 new updated Hawks for the RAF. Based on the Australian Mk127 LIFT (Lead-in Fighter Trainer), a demonstrator, the HNDA (Hawk New Demonstrator Aircraft) XJ951, is already flying.