Newsletter 6
Summer 2004
Updated on 10Jul2004

Published by the Hawker Association for the Members.
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The First Hawker Association Annual General Meeting

Gratifyingly well supported by 44 attendees, the First AGM was held at the Hawker Centre on Saturday 24th April.

Ambrose Barber started his Chairman's Report :"It is a mere fourteen months since we assembled here for our Inaugural Meeting when the half dozen or so movers and shakers who had convened were given unanimous backing to get this welcome new show on the road." He reported that the programme of speakers and visits had been well supported. He thanked the Committee Members for their efforts in arranging the programme and running the meetings, finding and looking after the funds, maintaining the website, preparing the Newsletter and so on. He particularly mentioned Gordon Jefferson, one of the 'founding fathers', who was standing down after being such a positive and cheerful Committee Member. He then introduced the Association Rules and Constitution, copies of which were available at the meeting, steering the members present through its various clauses.
Adoption was proposed, seconded and carried unanimously.

Secretary Barry Pegram reported on the membership situation. He said that since the Inaugural Meeting in February 2003, membership had risen from 226 to 328 comprising 66% 'local' (defined by post codes out to areas such as Guildford and Redhill), 29% 'distant' and 5% overseas. Some 11% were ladies and about 21% were still working. Attendance at meetings had been encouraging with about 60 present for talks and 25-40 coming to the socials with videos.

The Treasurer, Mike Hoskins, reported a satisfactory situation with a balance at 31st December 2003 of 1369.63. We had been fortunate that we had not been charged for the use of the Hawker Centre for the first year but now there was a charge of 50 each session. Mike thanked Percy Collino for his splendid efforts with the raffles which had contributed handsomely to the present healthy finances. Consequently subscription rates would remain unchanged for the coming year. The accounts, examined by Les Palmer, were adopted unanimously. The Treasurer also noted that the Association was donating 150 for the restoration of a drawing of Neville Duke at the Royal Aeronautical Society.

The Chairman then presented the case for a President and proposed John Glasscock, the Committee's unanimous choice. Again, in the vote, there were no dissenters. The new president graciously remarked that he was very honoured to accept the position.

The Chairman was then re-elected as was the existing Committee (with the exception of Gordon Jefferson), and three new members were voted on. The Committee now consisted of: Ambrose Barber (Chairman), Ken Batstone (new), Richard Cannon (Webmaster), Percy Collino (Meetings), Chris Farara (Newsletter), Wilf Firth, Harry Fraser-Mitchell, Ralph Hooper, Mike Hoskins (Treasurer), Les Palmer (new), Barry Pegram (Secretary/Membership) and Jan White (new).

With that the formal AGM closed and Members retired to the bar/resaurant for refreshment!