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 An Outsider's View Of Camm
     The following extract is from "Combat Aircraft Designer; the Ed Heinemann Story", by E Heinemann and R Rausa, published by Jane's in 1980. Ed Heinemann was, of course, the respected Douglas El Segundo designer of many famous and successful attack aircraft including the Dauntless, Havoc, Invader, Skyraider, Skynight, Skyray, Skywarrior and Skyhawk as well as the Skystreak and Skyrocket research types.
     In Chapter 20 Heineman says...It was 1952 when I had a chat with Sir Sidney (sic) Camm of Hawker Ltd. (sic). A giant in the aviation business, it was his Hurricane which played a vital role in the Battle of Britain. He later developed the Hunters and was instrumental in developing the prototype of the vertical-short-take-off- and-landing aircraft which became the US Marine Corps' first operational V/STOL plane, the Harrier.
     Sir Sidney was a cantankerous gent but I loved him. He was a brilliant man, a real contributor to aviation progress. Try as I did I couldn't get him to visit us in America, but Ithoroughly enjoyed my conversations with him in England.
     I had described to him the computers we were using at the time. A group of them, I explained, placed side by side, stretched a distance of 160 feet. "What are yours like?" I asked. "Oh well," he said softly, "we use the Curta." Whereupon he sent his assistant, John T Frassard, (sic) to get one to show me.
     "Wow!" is all I could say when John laid the Curta on the table. It was about two inches wide and five and a half inches long. No wonder the British were doing so well keeping their costs and number of Engineers down. And Sir Sidney Camm knew how to put men and Curtas to the fullest use.