Newsletter 14
Autumn 2006
Updated on 20Oct2006
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The 2006 AGM, held on 12th April was attended by our President, John Glasscock, and some fifty Members, a big improvement on last year.

In his report Chairman Ambrose Barber reviewed the Association's progress against the main aims set out in the Constitution...

"To provide a means of communication between Members"; this seemed to be working very well but there may be former friends out there who have lost contact. Members were urged to locate such "old mates". Richard Cannon's web site continues to grow and provides a great deal of attractively presented information and includes 'hot' news.

"To organise social and other meetings and events for Members"; the various activities had attracted good support over the year as detailed below by the Secretary.
The Association Third Annual General Meeting

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"To publish, from time to time, a Newsletter..."; the Newsletter continued to be popular thanks to Editor Chris Farara (modest blushes) and contributions from Members who were urged to keep writing. The Newsletter has two important roles: firstly it is the only way that some members are able to enjoy the Association, and secondly its contents are building up an archive record of Hawker history.

"To keep alive the spirit and memories of the Hawker Companies", "To publicise the achievements of the Hawker Companies, their people and their products" and "To encourage and facilitate the preservation and conservation of artefacts, papers, photographs, information and data relevant the Hawker Companies, their products, achievements and people..." Last year we funded the restoration of a Neville Duke cartoon owned by the Royal Aeronautical Society; it is now on display again. Recently the Association has agreed with the RAF Club that a bust of Sir Sydney Camm should be on permanent display in their fine Piccadilly building, and that we will contribute financially. We have also agreed to fund the refurbishment of Sir Sydney's headstone, 40 years after his death. In addition, Members of the Association are working on the Kingston Aviation Heritage Project and its memorial in Kingston. A recent appeal for help in fund-raising has resulted in several volunteers. The Association is also supporting a second impression of 'The RAF Harrier Story' published by the RAF Historical Society so that more Members may purchase copies.

Finally the Chairman thanked his enthusiastic Committee for their active support. Members concurred with a round of applause.

Secretary Barry Pegram reported that Membership was still growing, albeit at an expected lower rate, and now totals 355. 'Local' Members constitute 65.6%, 'Distant' 29.3%, and 'Overseas' 5.1%. 12.4% are ladies and 15% are still working. Meetings with talks attracted 40 - 60 attendees, social meetings 20 - 30 but amongst the most popular of all were Percy Collino's Summer Barbecue and Christmas lunch, at which 54 and 68 Members enjoyed themselves.

In the unavoidable absence of Treasurer Mike Hoskins, his report was read by Chris Farara. The surplus for the accounting period was £3689 but the true figure deducting uncashed cheque payments was a still very healthy £2774, up by £347 on last year. The raffle takings for the year were nearly £1000, testimony to the hard work of Percy Collino assisted by Jan White, to the generosity of those donating prizes and to all those who forked out at the door. Ken Alexander was thanked for examining and approving the accounts.

There being no new nominations the existing Chairman and Committee were re-elected  and an amendment to the Constitution, introducing an Associate grade of membership for colleagues not employed by 'Hawkers' but working closely with them, was agreed.

After the meeting was closed the raffle was drawn and a video was shown while Members happily socialised.