Newsletter 23
Spring 2009
Updated on 17Feb2009
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View From The Hover
1. To Dunstan, prelate to Saxon Kings,
Came dreams of engines and flying things,
That theynes and monks laughed to scorn,    
But, here in Kingston planes were born.

2. The 'Pup' emerged from Sopwith's brain,
The 'Camel' and 'Cuckoo' stood the strain,
When Kingston's eminent engineer    
Made England's Air Force one to fear.

3. We did not lack the fearless few,    
 To fly and test each engine new,
 For Harry Hawker's daring deeds,
 Made people wonder at such speeds

4. Then Sidney (sic) Camm applied his skill
To combat despots, with a will,
Which changed the erstwhile peaceful 'Hart'
For Hawker 'Hurricanes' to play a part.

5. These Air Force fighters, in '41,
Against dreaded bombers they had gone,
To drive, from skies with searchlight streamers
The Luftwaffe and its tons of screamers.

A Tribute To Kingston's Aircraft Industry

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6. So, soon, the drones were in retreat,
 And cannoned Hurricanes spelt defeat,
 To tanks and armour, vainly bent
 To plug the gap that 'D Day rent.

7. The flying bombs met the 'Typhoon' girls,
Produced by Hawkers, just too soon,
To let the Nazis make more gaps,
Among our nurses and wounded chaps.

8. The 'Tempest' joined in this affray,
Until, at last, there came the day,   
And Humble's 'Fury' now at rest,  
Brought due reward to Kingston's best.

9. What would become of youth and
 Whose precise work our tale unfolds,
 Who here, in Kingston, with manual art,
 Had played, in war, a vital part.

10. The restless brains of each designer,
Now turned to making something finer,
And swept back wings were duly set,
Speeded forth by Hawker's jet.

11. This soared aloft and changed the tone
To supersonic whine, not drone,
No throb, a tune, the engine's note,
Tremendous thrust from a burning throat;

12. Now faint, now high and now a scream
 Was this creation 'Dunstan's' dream?
 Realised in England's glory
 And now a part of Kingston's story.

13. No. No. To scatter hounds of war,
Sidney (sic) Camm proved what he saw,
And Hawker 'Hunter's' through the sound,
Now England's safeguard  'gainst the hound

14. Who dares to challenge the 'Flying Ace'.
And create war against his race,
While Neville Duke, unheard, unseen,
Honours his country and his Queen.