Newsletter 27
Summer 2010
Updated on 122Aug2010
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Defence Electronics History Society
    Members with avionics backgrounds may well be interested in joining the DEHS where their knowledge and experiences can help record history in this important field. Contact the DEHS at www.dehs.org.uk or e-mail Email dehs
New Books

    Member David Ince has written a new book, "Brotherhood of the Skies", drawing on his personal experiences in the wartime RAF when he flew almost 150 Typhoon sorties; many will remember his talk to the Association in October 2003 (see Newsletter No.5). The book is a study of leadership in action, courage, fear, team spirit and motivation which he and his comrades shared during the war, and it explores elements of air power, Army Co-operation, fighter ground attack and reconnaissance operations, which have been ignored in the past. Copies are available from Grub Street (020 7924 3966) for 20.00.
    Late Member John Chacksfield’s book “Sir Sydney Camm - From Biplanes & Hurricanes to Harriers” has just been published by Oakwood Press at 12.65 but can be bought direct from them (01291 650444) for 10.95. It is said to tell the aircraft and company story well but to be rather light on biography.