by the Editor, Chris Farara


Quite rightly the focus of the day's celebrations was on the P.1127 and on Ralph Hooper who conceived it. However, it would be wrong if we did not remember the later huge contribution made to the project by John Fozard when he became Chief Designer Harrier. With energy and devotion he led the team that perfected the Harrier as a formidable service aircraft and, in his own inimitable manner, broadcast the merits of jet V/STOL all over the world.

Graham Tomlinson Medal

Graham Tomlinson has been awarded the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) Derry & Richards Memorial Medal which is given in recognition of outstanding contributions in advancing the art and science of aviation, in this case for Graham's contribution to the F-35 Lightning II programme.

Graham joined the Dunsfold test pilot team in 1986, rose to CTP, and from 2002 worked at Lockheed-Martin as the lead short take off vertical landing (STOVL) test pilot. He recently retired and is back in England and talked to the Association on 9th February.