Chairman’s Report

After welcoming Members to the AGM the Chairman, Ambrose Barber, observed that the speakers at our meetings continued to entertain and inform, that the barbecue and Christmas lunch went down well as did the visit to the Hornby Centre. Ambrose thanked those who organised the events and noted that Members not able to participate had been able to read reports in the Newsletter. Reminiscences, too, had been enjoyed and Ambrose asked people to keep sending them in.

A significant aim of the association was raising public recognition of ‘Hawkers’ proud place in aeronautical history and the Kingston Aviation Centenary Project initiative had gathered impressive momentum. The consortium led by the Hawker Association had been awarded 49,500 by the Heritage Lottery Fund which would enable the project team to run an impressive list of events and activities including a Kingston Aviation Festival from 2nd - 5th June.

9Th Annual General Meeting - 11Th April 2012


The joint project leaders, David Hassard and Bill Downey, had divided the tasks involved into assignments manageable by small teams of volunteers and Ambrose urged Members to support these activities.

Looking back over the last 9 -10 years the Association had benefited from two assets in particular: the continued use of the ‘Hawker Centre’ and the dedicated Committee officers, and others, who have helped to make things happen. None of us, said Ambrose, could manage without them and we have good reason to thank them all very much.

Secretary’s Report

Using ‘PowerPoint’ (!) Barry Pegram reported on programme and membership matters. Average attendance at talks had been 43, the top scorer being Andy Jones with 57 followed by Mat Potulski with 50.

The barbecue, the outing to Airfix and the Christmas lunch were well supported with 37, 29 and 48 respectively.

Membership stood at 374 with 67.6% local, 27.6% distant, 4.8% overseas, 14.2% ladies and 15% working. Membership had been generally flat since 2007 at about 375 ie losses equalled gains.

Sadly, eight Members had died: Eric Goose, Eric Haywood, Dawn Howes, John L Parker, Don Pratt, John Partridge, Orde Scott and Selwyn Smith. 

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer, Martin Pennell presented the accounts for the period January 1st to December 31st 2011 and noted that the balance at year end, 3,589.08, exceeded that at the beginning and that the Association finances were in a healthy state with no need for any increase in the annual subscription.

Income had been 4,487.96 and expenditure 4,351. The three highest regular outgoings were: stationery/postage at 1,023.85, room hire at 550 ( a special reduced rate) and liability insurance at 438.49. Principal regular incomings were: subscriptions at 1,940 and raffle takings at 557.50