On the 4th September a group of Members met at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation at what was Woodley aerodrome, near Reading, once the home of Miles Aircraft Ltd., formerly Phillip and Powis Aircraft. We assembled in the shop and café anteroom and were given an introductory talk by the museum manager, Ken Fostekew, who accompanied us in the museum proper, explaining the exhibits. As the name implies, all aviation activities in the county of Berkshire are covered, although Miles activities are most prominent. Other companies represented include Fairey Aviation, who were at White Waltham, Elliotts of Newbury (EoN), Handley Page who bought Miles, Westland who took over Fairey, ML Aviation of Slough and the Sperry Gyroscope Co. of Bracknell.

Miles exhibits include: a beautiful Magister L6906, based on assemblies from Magister T9841, a Martinet TT1 target tug MS902 under restoration by museum volunteers, an M.100 Student jet trainer also under restoration, and a very impressive steel wind tunnel model of the M.52 supersonic project. From Fairey there are: a Jet Gyrodyne XJ389/XD759 (renumbered due to duplication),and a Gannet T.5 XG883 (outside). A Westland Scout XP849 in ETPS colours (a descendant of the Fairey Ultralight helicopter, a Handley Page Herald, G-APWA (outside), an EoN Olympia Mk1 glider and an Olympia 456 complete the main aircraft exhibits.

The Museum Of Berkshire Aviation


There are very many more exhibits of great interest including large scale models of Miles and Fairey types, a model of the 1938 Fairey FC1 four engined airliner project (not unlike the DH Albatross), models of two Fairey projects, ML Aviation ejector release units (ERU) and a Chevaline UK Polaris guidance system by Sperry. Its possible to find somewhere a display, photographs or drawings of just about any civil or military aviation activity in the county - including a photo of our own Harry Fraser-Mitchell presenting a Herald item to the museum, and as Camm was a Berkshire man, he and his aircraft, in model form and with photographs, are also well represented.