Chairman’s Report - Ambrose Barber
    In reviewing briefly this year’s activities I believe we have again been fortunate in having been able to maintain a balanced and popular programme. We have undertaken a visit to the Imperial War Museum, regularly enjoyed each other’s company and been privileged to be able to listen to yet another series of interesting speakers. Those members who missed these continue to be able to catch up with them from the excellent summaries regularly published in our Newsletter and on our Website. All this, as you have heard me say before, provides a valuable and reliable source of first-hand Hawker history which is consistent with a major aim of the Association.
    Since it is some twelve years since the membership voted to adopt those six aims in their constitution it may just be helpful to remind ourselves that they are:

AGM - April 8th 2015

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1. To keep alive the spirit and memories of the Hawker companies.
2. To organise social and other meetings and events for the Members.
3. To provide a means of communication between Members.
4. To publish, from time to time, a newsletter and distribute it to all Members.
5. To publicise the achievements of the Hawker companies, their people and their products.
6. To encourage and facilitate the preservation and conservation of artefacts, papers, photographs, information and data relevant to the Hawker companies, their products, achievements and people.
    I feel that all who voted for these at the time could not fail to feel satisfaction at the measure of their current achievement. This has not happened by accident and I think you would wish me to record the very conscious and loyal efforts of those responsible.

In this the Association has been much assisted by the on-going work of the Kingston Aviation Centenary Project and also by the Kingston Aviation Heritage Trust, whose work having now been accomplished, is anticipating honourably winding itself up.

    Where, if anywhere, does the Association aim to go from here? Two years ago we amended the constitution to offer Associate Membership to those who have not been former employees but have a strong interest in our aims. So far the committee has been careful to tread gently with its recruitment but if it is desired that the Association is to attempt to have an extended existence it must ultimately rely upon enthusiastic ‘outsiders’.
    I leave you with this thought for the informal discussion which follows our AGM and would conclude with my thanks, and I hope yours also, for the committee members’ hard work during the year.
Post AGM
    During the informal discussion no reservations were voiced about the gradual extension of ‘non-colleague’ Associate Membership and the discussion focused on how to recruit suitable candidates.
    David Hassard advocated that we each aim to bring a prospective member along as a visitor to a meeting.
    Nick Stroud’s generous offer to advertise, free-of-charge, the availability of Associate Membership in The Aviation Historian was welcomed.