Xmas lunch

Ken Batstone reports… More photos
    On Wednesday December 9th 2015, the 13th annual Christmas lunch was again held in the YMCA Hawker Centre. Attendance was very good, with 53 members and guests, just one less than in 2014, arriving by 12.30pm. This sustained number of diners is very pleasing as it shows that the YMCA is providing the food and ambience to make an enjoyable event and that the strength and relevance of the Hawker Association continues.
    On arrival members and guests enjoyed a glass of wine and social intercourse before taking their seats for the meal. It was announced to be slightly different from the publicised menu; the starter was prawn cocktail with soup as the option, rather than the other way round, and the dessert was not Christmas pudding (gasps of shock horror! No, not really) but a fruit slice with cream with the option of carrot or lemon cake. The food was excellent in both quality and quantity, for which the YMCA kitchen staff were congratulated.

2015 Christmas Lunch

After lunch coffee was provided and the speeches commenced with our Chairman, Ambrose Barber saying a few words and noting how the years leading up to this our 13th Lunch had flashed by and then introducing John Glasscock, our past President. John regaled us with memories of the very good old days but said he had some difficulty in choosing a joke to tell - so he told the other one!
    Afterwards, many people said how much they had enjoyed the afternoon. A criticism was that there had been no facility for hanging up outer coats on arrival, a valid comment which will be followed up by the Committee. This year, due to the photo displays erected in front of the windows, there were no complaints about glare from the very welcome bright sunshine outside. The YMCA was thanked verbally and financially for providing another enjoyable Christmas lunch.