After thanking Members for attending Chairman Ambrose Barber noted that an interesting programme of speakers had been arranged covering events from our careers at Hawker as well as more contemporary subjects, and that the barbecue and Christmas lunch had been well attended and clearly enjoyed. Membership had remained steady and some fifteen Hawker enthusiasts had joined since the rule requiring members to have been employed by Hawker had been relaxed. During the year the Kingston Aviation Heritage Trust had submitted its final report to the Charity Commission and the Kingston Aviation Centenary Project had continued to raise awareness of the Royal Borough’s aviation industry achievements. Members involved in this endeavour were to be congratulated. The Chairman finally expressed his grateful thanks to the committee members for their work during the year.

Annual General Meeting - 13Th April 2016


    Barry Pegram summarised the membership situation: membership at the time of the AGM was 377, close to last year’s 379. This included 17 overseas, 55 ladies and 15 non-employees. There had, sadly, been 9 losses. There had been six talks (Chris Roberts, Mike Salisbury, Philip Jarrett, Lt Simon Wilson RN, David Hassard and Graham Cooke GAvA. The annual visit had been to RAF Northolt and RAF Uxbridge and Chris Farara had presented the new year quiz. The most popular talk had been Chris Roberts’s and the largest attendance had been to the Christmas lunch.
    Martin Pennell stated that the balance at the end of the year was greater than at the beginning showing that the Association’s operations are sustainable at the current level of income and expenditure, and that there was no need to increase the annual subscription above the current 5. The main items of net expenditure are stationery and postage, hire of the venue and insurance. Subscriptions raised 1658 and the raffle 596.
    Committee members due for re-election were re-elected and there were no new candidates. The Chairman wished to serve for only one more year.