Camel. An airworthy Camel, externally correct but with altered structure and powered by a Czech Verner Scarlett 7Si seven cylinder radial, is being built at the Francesco Baracca airfield near Treviso, NE Italy. It commemorates Canadian Camel pilot Lt Gordon McLean who was shot down in the area in February 1918. A brass identification plate from McLean’s Camel B2494 of No. 45 Squadron was found by chance.

Tempest V/TT5, NV778, is now displayed on the floor of the main hall in the RAF Museum, Hendon, having spent fourteen years suspended from the roof.

Hunter Mk58, the colourfully painted Miss Demeanour, owned and flown by Jonathon Whaley, is being exported to Canada to join the Lortie Aviation Hunter fleet of at least six single seat Mk58s and a two seater, in Quebec. Lortie Aviation provides training support to military air arms. Google them for more information.

Aircraft News

P.1127 XP984 in its beautifully restored state is now on show in Brooklands Museum’s new ‘Aircraft Factory’ exhibit.

Gnat T1, XR977, in Red Arrows livery, has been moved to the RAF Museum, Hendon, from the Cosford conservation centre.

Harrier Mk 55, AV-8S/Spanish Navy VA-1 Matador bought for the Royal Thai Navy, is to be restored at the Royal Thai Air Force Museum, Bangkok.

Amongst the aircraft to tour Britain this year as part of the RAF’s centenary celebrations are the RAF museum’s Sopwith Snipe replica, a Harrier GR3 and a full scale model of an F-35. They will be on show in the Cardiff City Hall Gardens (May 16-20), London’s Horse Guards Parade (6-9 July), Newcastle, Northern Ireland (4-5 August), Birmingham’s Victoria Square (25-27 August), Glasgow’s Science Centre (1-2 September) and Manchester’s Cathedral Gardens (15-16 September).