Programme For 2018
 Wednesday 14 February
 "Airline Flight Safety” - Chris Roberts
 Wednesday 14 March
 “Harrier Ski-Jump Trials from a flight test engineer’s viewpoint” -  Dick Poole
 Wednesday11 April
 Annual General Meeting and video
 Wednesday 9 May
 “Paper Aeroplanes Again” - Ed Hui
 Wednesday 13 June
 Summer barbecue
 Wednesday 11 July
 “Ernest Hemingway Visits Dunsfold, D-Day and Divorce” - Dick Wise
 Wednesday 8 August
 Social with a focus (tbd)
 Tbd September
 Outing to Harrier Heritage Centre, RAF Wittering
 Wednesday 12 September
 Social with videos
 Wednesday 10 October
 Title tbd - Lt Cdr Chris Goetke
 Wednesday 14 November
 Talk tbd
 Wednesday 12 December
 Chrismas lunch

Chris Roberts, our Chairman, after retiring as Chief Test Pilot Dunsfold joined the commercial aviation world as a captain and manager.
Dick Poole
was Chief Flight Test Engineer at Dunsfold and managed the BAe ski jump trials
Ed Hui returns with more about paper aeroplane design.
Dick Wise was an avionics engineer and Director Harrier.
Lt Cdr Chris Goetke is the CO of the RN Historic Flight. Our proposed outing to the Harrier Heritage Centre at RAF Wittering is being planned.
If you have a suggestion for a topic or theme for the 8th August Social please let the Editor know.

Unless stated otherwise, meetings are at 'YMCA Hawker, Kingston - the old Sports & Social Club - and start at 14.00. Lunch and drinks are available beforehand, tea afterwards, and there is a large, free car park.