Chairman Chris Roberts’s Report 2018 (shortened version)
    The Hawker Association continues to thrive in our 15th year. This is my first report as Chairman and I therefore have the opportunity to comment on the Committee’s work without being accused of claiming credit.

It has been very interesting to see how hard the Committee works; a lot goes on behind the scenes to make the various activities happen throughout the year; what the Members see does not fully reflect the commitment and effort that is involved.
     I will resist listing everything and everyone to avoid a long dissertation that risks upset by omission where the intent is to give credit. Nevertheless, I am going to thank Barry for his guidance during my first year. He suggested that I put my name forward, so it was only right that he should try to fulfil his assurance that being Chairman was straightforward. However, Barry you will need to keep trying!

I will also comment on Chris Farara’s achievement in putting together the 50th Newsletter. We must not underestimate the effort involved over 15 years. This large volume of material is the equivalent of a substantial book

Annual General Meeting

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    Keeping the IT processes running is vital, and the modern world brings increasing problems for Richard Cannon.

New internet security requirements have caused some website links to be rejected by Google; please do not consider these to be website failures.

Our database and website need to be functional, up to date, robust and legal. That last point, legal, is proving a little difficult at present because new data protection laws (not designed for organisations like ours) come into play in May. We may need all Association Members to sign a new document to allow us to hold their information; please help us if we need another round of paperwork
    I would also like to thank Sir Colin Chandler for giving us his support as President. Sir Colin is stepping down today after eight years in the role; the President’s term should only be for 5 years. He has given the Association great support and has always been available to help and give advice.
    One of the Committee’s tasks is the selection of a new President, and it gives me great pleasure to announce that Colin Wilson has agreed to take up the position today. On behalf of the Committee and Members I thank Colin for accepting the invitation and for being so willing to become President. I am sure that most of you know Colin from the old days, but it may be appropriate to briefly outline his background for those who are not as familiar. His career spanned 42 years in British Aerospace and predecessor Companies, starting with Vickers-Armstrong in 1956. A 20 year period of direct involvement with V/STOL started at Dunsfold in 1966. Subsequently a variety of roles across the wider British Aerospace ranging from Naval and underwater systems to electronics, led to an appointment as MD of the stand-alone company BASE Ltd. He was President of British Aerospace Japan for 5 years, and was awarded an OBE in 1999.
    With regards the role of the Committee, I emphasise that we are here to serve you, the Members. We are always willing to move the Association in any direction that would contribute to its continued success and further the interests of all Members. We are open to suggestions and ideas for new activities or links with other associations and organisations. We must not stand still, and being populated predominantly by an aged community we always need to be on the lookout for new Members. The application form is on the website; please spread the word. We have welcomed some new Members again this year including aviation minded folk who were not employed by the Company.
    During 2017 the Association carried out further fund raising in support XP894, G-VTOL and other Hawker items at Brooklands. I am pleased to announce that we recently forwarded a cheque to the museum for 2000 which was very well received. Our gratitude goes to all Association Members who contributed
    We have co-opted a new member onto the Committee. Paul Rash, an ex- Dunsfold Chief Flight Test Engineer, has joined us to increase our attention to Heritage Matters. Of course we also have David Hassard on the Committee and his day job is managing the Kingston Aviation Heritage Project, but the Association is looking at one or two things that will elevate our heritage awareness within the local community in parallel with David’s activities. However, no long term commitments will be undertaken that might prove to be onerous for future Members of the Association. Funding would be on a stand-alone basis so that the Association membership subscriptions are not diverted into any new heritage activities.

Secretary’s Report

Barry Pegram reported on the general state of the Association. Current Membership was 357 including 51 ladies, 16 overseas and 23 ‘non Hawker’ members. Sadly fifteen members had died since the last AGM: Bryan Austin, Keith Chapman, Ken Davies, Brian Drew, Colin Flint, Tony Gibbs, Pat Goodheart, Ray Grout, David Ince, Nick Morland, Glynne Parker, Chris Rostant, Duncan Simpson, Reginald Thompson and David Ward. Seven speakers gave talks to the Association with an average attendance of 40. The Summer Barbecue attracted 25 Members, the Christmas Lunch, 45 and 21 Members went on the visit to the Royal Navy Historic Flight at Yeovilton. The average attendance at socials, including the AGM was 16.

Treasurer’s Report.

    Martin Pennel presented the accounts for the year. Expenditure totalled 3497 of which the largest item was stationery and postage at 1253. Hall hire was 500 and liability insurance 366. Income, excluding the XP984 funds, was 2929. Consequently, to maintain adequate liquidity in support of our programme of activities, the Committee agreed to increase the annual subscription, for the first time since the Association was founded, from 5 to 7 to take effect from the next renewal, for the 2019-2020 period. This increase is in line with inflation..