British Secret Projects. Jet Bombers Since 1949. Second Edition.
    The recently published second edition of Tony Buttler’s book is even better than the now fifteen years old first edition. It is considerably bigger (over 350 pages) with much new information and many new illustrations. There is much to interest the Hawker enthusiast in this book which covers some fifty Kingston projects. A strong point is that it has mainly original general arrangement drawings, photographs of company models and contemporary photographs and ‘artists’ impressions. This high quality production is published by Crecy (ISBN 978 19108091905) at 27.50, well worth it for the amount of research into original sources that the author has carried out.

Book Reviews

The Aviation Historian Issue 25.
    Another cracking volume. Of particular interest to Members will be the article, ’Making a Pig’s Ear from a Silk Purse’ on the procurement F-4K Phantom that was chosen by the Royal Navy, urged on by ’Winkle’ Brown, instead of the P.1154. Those of us who like modern projects will be fascinated by the first of a two-part piece on Convair’s submissions for the US Navy’s proposal for a seaplane striking force. There are, of course, many other articles of general aviation interest including the story of the Yak 28PP electronic warfare variant.