Royal Navy Historic Flight

The Royal Navy Historic Flight, Founded in 1972 and based at RNAS Yeovilton, stood down on March 31st 2019. It has displayed some of Britain’s most iconic naval aircraft, including the Swordfish, Sea Hawk, Sea Fury and Firefly. Over the next few months responsibility for maintaining and flying the aircraft is being transferred to the charity Navy Wings, securing their long-term future, flying as civilian rather than military aircraft. The charity has supported the Flight for over 25 years with annual grants and donations. Additionally, the charity has supplemented the Flight with its own naval heritage aircraft, including a Hawker Sea Fury and de Havilland Sea Vixen.

Book Reviews

The Aviation Historian

In issue 27 Richard Seth -Smith, son of Hawker test pilot Kenneth Seth-Smith killed in a Typhoon accident, tells the full story of that aircraft’s rear fuselage structural problems as uncovered by Hawker and the RAE. Other articles that caught the Editor’s eye cover the politics of the Concorde by Prof Keith Hayward, Willy Messerschmitt’s post war jets, Leslie Baynes supersonic swing-wing projects of the 1940s and an improbable French jet powered rotary wing aircraft of 1910! - yes, really. Issue 28 included a Keith Hayward article on the politics of the Airbus A300 and its rivals from BAC. (In Issue 29 he will cover the politics of the P.1127), aero medical aspects of the vertically launched Bachem Natter and the UK development of heavy airborne cannon from 1914 to 1939.