Work is proceeding at two locations, Dunsfold and Brooklands, by the same team dividing their time. The majority of the work is outside and winter conditions make it hard on them all.
    Two frames have been salvaged together with some cradles which will form the basis for supports needed for the nose and centre fuselage at Dunsfold so that work can continue to progress there.
Although the tailplane is still at Dunsfold the elevators have been removed and stripped of paint back to primer at Brooklands. The elevator tips were damaged during the aircraft’s time at Woking so repair work was needed, starting with separation of the skins to take out the dents. Where the skin has cracked it has to be replaced and the process will be completed when the new parts have been anodised.
    The airbrake fairing had a number of dents so it has been removed for the some panel beating and is ready to be re-installed. A patch has been made to cover the area left after removing the arrestor hook from the rear fuselage. During that work the paint on the lower fuselage was found to be blistered quite extensively so the team chose to strip the paint back to the primer on the whole of the rear fuselage. It has taken about a month, a lot of wet and dry paper and plenty of effort, to finish.

Hunter T7 Xl623 - Chairman's Project Report

Discoveries like these tend to slow progress but the team always knew that this restoration was going to throw up surprises. Rubbing paint off is a much less enjoyable task than pure engineering and the Association is very grateful that our volunteers take on these extra tasks with such good spirit.
    A site for XL623 has been identified in Kingston, not too far from the factory on the Richmond Road. Negotiations are underway with the land owner and there is good reason to believe that an acceptable arrangement can be agreed. Work is underway to establish what the underground situation is; the civil engineering requirements must not affect services such as electricity, water and drainage. The original drawings of the Woking installation have been acquired and they will be re-certified to satisfy the latest requirements once we are sure that changes will not be needed for this new location.
    We thank all our donors for their continued support and confidence. The project is moving forward surely and steadily. Please send donations to the project bank account : "The Hawker Association - Hunter Project", Sort Code 30-84-46, Account 36893268 using your name as a reference, so we can get back to you.
     Paul Rash: Rowallan Lodge, Farnham Lane, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1HE
    Chris Roberts: 3 Sole Farm Close, Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 3ED