Hurricane Landing Accident At Duxford

The undercarriage of Hurricane Mk1 V7497/G-HRLI collapsed during a cross-wind landing at Duxford on June 1st 2020. There was minor damage to the underside and the propeller was bent. Repair is under way. The unidentified pilot was blamed for failing to properly control the aircraft.

Aircraft News

Harriers for sale by Everett Aero are: GR9 ZG478, the much publicised Kandahar crash aircraft, being restored for static display; an unidentified Harrier II airframe (looks like a GR5/7); T4 XW267, a possible return-to-flight project; and FA2 ZH806, “complete and ready to fly.”

On e-bay an FA2 is open for bids in Alberta, Canada.

At JetArt the Astra Hawk XX341 and VAAC Harrier are still available, as is Global Planes’ Abu Dhabi Hawk Mk63 in Turkey.

Airworthy Gnat TMk1 XR984/N316RF is still available in Illinois. Hunter Mk58, Miss Demeanour has been sold and Thunder City in Cape Town has airworthy Hunter TMk8A, XF967/ZU-CTN for sale.

Also still for sale are Art Nalls’s Harriers. In Australia two Sea Furies are being restored, an Iraqi Fury, VH-SHF and FB11, WG630. Centaurus powered FB11 G-CBEL/N365F has been sold after a long restoration.
    If you would like to fly in a Hunter, MiGFlug in Switzerland will sell you 25 minutes over the Alps for 7500 Euros in their ex Swiss Air Force TMk68, J-4201.