Newsletter Index of News Reports  updated 27Jan2020

A list of News Repors in the Newsletters, (Mostly by Chris Farara) and the newsletter number the report story appeared in. The list is ordered newsletter number within a subject, mainly Aircraft. 

Report titleNewsletter
Harrier II Production Nears End4
The Last Harrier5
Harrier Developments(GR9 etc)6
Harrier News (GR9 etc)8
USMC Support for STOVL8
Harrier News (GR9 etc)10
The Last Pegasus11
Harrier News (JITS, FA2 etc)13
Harrier News ((JUMP)15
Harrier News (GR9 etc)16
Harrier News (Afghanistan)18
Harrier News (GR9)19
Harrier News (Afghanistan)21
Future RN Carriers News21
Harrier News (Afghanistan)23
Harrier News (VAAC, Harrier service withdrawal)24
Harrier 40th Anniversary25
Harrier News (HPAC)25
Harrier News (reduction)26
Harrier News (stand down)29
Harrier and Sea Harrier News (Libya, XZ439)30
Harrier News (Wittering)31
Harrier News (Sale to US)32
Harrier News (Museums, US use, Libya)33
Sir James Dyson’s Harrier33
Harrier News (AV-8B Kandahar, HIIs in UK)34
Isis War40
Harrier News (Mk55 Thai restoration)50
Fly Harrier Ltd. (FA2, T8 restorations to flight)51

Sea Harrier News (XZ439)2
Sea Harrier Retires Early6
HMS Invincible Retires11
RN Sea Harrier Finale12
Indian Navy Sea Harriers Fly On12
Sea Harrier ZA19515
Sea Harrier XZ439 Update19
Sea Harrier News20
Sea Harrier News (XZ439, FA2)27
Sea Harrier News (India)28
Chinese Ski-Jump Carrier39
(Sea Harrier) Aircraft News (FRS51, FRS2)42
(Sea Harrier) Aircraft News (FRS51, Viraat)44
(Indian Navy) Sea Harriers Retire45

JSF Prototype X-35B to Air and Space Museum10
The Royal Navy’s New CVF Carrier and the F-35B12
Joint Strike Fighter Progress15
F-35 Flies16
F-35 Lightning II News (Catbird)17
F-35 Lightning II News (BAES)18
(F-35) Lightning II News (F-35B roll-out)19
Joint Strike Fighter News (F-35B)20
Joint Strike Fighter News (F-35B)21
F-35B Lightning II News (F-35B BF2 flies, BF-1 hover pit)24
F-35B Lightning II News (structural test, engine perf)25
RN Carrier News26
F-35 Lightning II News (F-35B BF1 first hover, transition, VL)27
Joint Strike Fighter News (F-35B)33
(F-35B) Aircraft News (Ist UK F-35B delivered)41
(UK) F-35B Progress44

India Makes Up Her Mind (Hawks)4
Hawk Award (Worshipful Company of Coachmakers)5
Indian Hawks (Mk132 contract)6
Hawk Anniversary (30th)6
Hawk News (Mk128 UKDPA contract, Saudi, Australia, South Africa)10
Hawk News (Bahrain, RAF Mk128, India, Australia, Saudi)12
Hawk News (ZJ100 and Indian avionics)13
Hawk News (DMSS flight, SBAC show etc)14
Hawk News (SBAC show)15
Hawk News (RAF Mk128 contract, Bahrain, South Africa, T-45, India)16
Hawk vs. Goshawk for Greece16
Hawk News (TMk1 support)17
Hawk News (RAF/RN contract, Greece, UAE, India, T-45, Australia, Bahrain)18
Hawk News (NFTC Canada, Reds, Hawk Users Group, India)19
Hawk News (Brough Mk128, India)20
Hawk News (India, Oman, Australia, South Africa, Reds)21
Hawk News (India)22
Hawk News (RAF Mk128, India, UAE)24
Hawk News (TMk2)25
Hawk News (Reds, T-45, AEJPT, South Africa, India, RN)26
Hawk News (India, TMk2, Poland, Australia, Canada)27
Hawk News (TX, Finland))32
Hawk News (Saudi)33
Hawk News (T-45, Saudi, Canada, Australia, India, upgrade, UAE)34
(Hawk) Aircraft News (Oman, 1000 Hawks)35
(Hawk) Aircraft News (India)37
(Hawk) Aircraft News (Reds, Poland)40
(Hawk) Aircraft News (T-X)43
(Hawk) Aircraft News (Jordan, India)47
Advanced/Combat Hawk47
T-45 OBOGS Problems48
Hawk Mk50 G-HAWK/ZA10153
Hawk XX15454
Saudi Hawks54
Australian Hawks54
Hawk XX154 Delivered to Old Sarum55

Hunters Still Active (ATAC)17
Hunter News (HHA, FRA)19
Hunter News (Switzerland, Lebanon)22
Hunter News (ATAC)33
Hunter Crash at Shoreham48
Hunter T7 XL623 Heritage Project53
Hunter T7 XL623 Project Update54
Hunter T7 XL623 Project Report55
Hunters in Quasi-Military Service55

BAES Tempest project54

Dunsfold Update4
Dunsfold Park7
Dunsfold Wings and Wheels15
Dunsfold Wings and Wheels17
AIAA Honours Dunsfold20
AIAA Awards21
Dunsfold Development Plan Rejected…for Now22
(Dunsfold) Wings and Wheels22
Dunsfold Park P.1127 Celebration29
Dunsfold Wings and Wheels34
Dunsfold Park Development47
Dunsfold Park Development48
Dunsfold Park Development51

Kingston Aviation Memorial Update4
Kingston Aviation Memorial5
Kingston Aviation Memorial6
Kingston Aviation Heritage Memorial Project11
Kingston Aviation Heritage Project12
Kingston Aviation Heritage Project13
Kingston Aviation Project14
Kingston Aviation Heritage Project15
Kingston Aviation Centenary Project31
(Kingston Aviation Centenary Project) Heritage Lottery Fund News Release 32
Kingston Aviation Festival33
Kingston Aviation Centenary Project36
Kingston Aviation Centenary Project Milestone38
Kingston Aviation Centenary Project Review 201544
Kingston Aviation Project Review 201646
Kingston Aviation Centenary Project Review 201750
Kingston Aviation Heritage Trust Appeal39
Thames-Side Memorial to Kingston Aviation40

ADOLPHUS - Roy - remembered51
CAMM - Camm Bust for RAF Club13
Camm Headstone Restored14
Camm Memorial Service14
Camm Memorial - RAF Club16
Camm Memorial - RAF Club21
Camm Memorial - RAF Club22
Camm (Windsor) Memorial Appeal Launched23
Camm Windsor Memorial26
Kingston University “Sir Sydney Camm Centre”27
(The Sydney Camm Commemorative Society) (Windsor full scale model)33
(Camm) The Windsor Hurricane
DALE - John Dale20
DUKE - Duke Portrait Preserved7
Neville Duke Commemorated42
FARLEY - Honorary Doctorate for John Farley20
Farley - Obituary51
Farley - Commemoration at Brooklands52
HARGREAVES - OBE for Simon Hargreaves6
HARLAND - Air Chief Marshal Sir Reginald Harland37
HOOPER - Ralph - 80th birthday12
V/STOL Award (AIAA to RS Hooper)20
AIAA Awards21
HAWKER - Harry Hawker’s daughter Dies38
LOCKSPEISER - David - Obituary39
MANSELL - Mick Mansell Retires4
MILLER - Tom Miller19
MOWINSKI - memories of51
PARK - Sir Keith Park Memorial Campaign23
SIMPSON - Duncan - Obiyuary50
SOPWITH - Sir Thomas Sopwith Honoured40
TOMMY SOPWITH - death of.54
TOMLINSON - Graham Tomlinson Medal 29
WISE - Hawker People in the News (Dick Wise OBE)11

Another Anniversary (Eurofighter)6
Boscombe Down Aviation Collection34
Langley Memorial Unveiled55
Not Cricket8
P.1127 (XP984)50
Restore Hawker Nimrod flies16
Some BAE Systems Facts22
Sea Fury Racers12
Sea Furies at Reno15
Sea Hawk Recovered15
Typhoon and Tempest Association16
RN Historic Flight54