Newsletters updated 27Jan2020
Chris Farara has created Five newsletter content Indexes. The newsletters contain reports and stories on AGMs (PDF), Contributions by members (PDF), News (PDF), Talks (PDF), and Visits (PDF); click one of these links to display an index page in a new window, some contain links that display a newsletter page for the story in a new window. If (PDF) is clicked a PDF version is displayed in a new window (better for printing).  More complete is a list of events created by Frank Rainsborough; Events 2003-2017 as PDF, no links.

Newsletters can be viewed as web pages by clicking the issue; these have a contents bar to jump to pages. Or as an Acrobat PDF document, in a new window, by clicking PDF; this is in the same format as the paper version of the newsletter and can be saved or printed. Close the Acrobat window to return here. On a low power PC an earlier version or the small and fast Foxit PDF Reader is recommended .

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Web pages          PDF Doc. Web pages          PDF Doc.
Web pages         PDF Doc. Web pages        PDF Doc.
 Issue 56 Spring       PDF

2019  Issue 53 Spring       PDF  Issue 54 Summer     PDF

Issue 55 Winter     PDF
 Issue 50 Spring       PDF
 Issue 51 Summer     PDF
Issue 52 Winter     PDF
 Issue 47 Spring       PDF  Issue 48 Summer     PDF

Issue 49 Winter      PDF
 Issue 44 Spring       PDF
 Issue 45 Summer     PDF

Issue 46 Winter      PDF
 Issue 41 Spring       PDF  Issue 42 Summer     PDF

Issue 43 Winter      PDF
 Issue 38 Spring       PDF  Issue 39 Summer     PDF
 Issue 40 Autumn      PDF
 Issue 35 Spring       PDF  Issue 36 Summer     PDF

 Issue 37 Winter  PDF

 Issue 33 Summer     PDF

 Issue 34 Winter  PDF
 Issue 29 Spring       PDF  Issue 30 Summer     PDF
 Issue 31 Autumn      PDF  Issue 32 Winter       PDF
 2010  Issue 26 Spring       PDF  Issue 27 Summer     PDF
 Issue 28 Autumn      PDF  
 2009  Issue 23 Spring       PDF  Issue 24 Summer     PDF
 Issue 25 Autumn      PDF  
 2008  Issue 20 Spring       PDF  Issue 21 Summer     PDF
 Issue 22 Autumn      PDF  
 2007  Issue 16 Spring       PDF  Issue 17 Summer     PDF
 Issue 18 Autumn      PDF  Issue 19 Winter       PDF
 2006  Issue 12 Spring       PDF  Issue 13 Summer     PDF
 Issue 14 Autumn      PDF  Issue 15 Winter       PDF
 2005  Issue   8 Spring       PDF  Issue   9 Summer     PDF
 Issue 10 Autumn      PDF  Issue 11 Winter       PDF
 2004  Issue   5 Spring       PDF  Issue   6 Summer     PDF
 Issue   7 Autumn      PDF  
 2003  Issue   2 Spring       PDF  Issue   3 Summer     PDF
 Issue   4 Autumn      PDF  
 Issue   1 Autumn      PDF