Programme of Events - 2006 updated 13Sep06

At 2:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month there will be a meeting, normally at the YMCA Hawker Centre (was the Hawker Sports and Social Club), Lower Ham Road, Kingston on Thames, unless indicated otherwise. There is a well stocked bar, and good inexpensive lunches and snacks are available. We hope members will avail themselves of these. There is plenty of free parking space.
Hawker Centre

Wed 11 January Social gathering with quiz by Les Palmer
Wed 8 February From Comet to Hawk - Duncan Simpson NOTE change to program
Wed 8 March My Three Jobs in the "Front Office" - Chris Roberts.
Wed 12 April Annual General Meeting and Video
Wed 10 May The Tripartite Squadron - Air Cdre David Scrimgeour
Wed 14 June Summer Barbeque details
Wed 12 July Boeing Training in the UK - Keith Hertzenberg
Wed 9 August Members meeting socially (Note no video)
Wed 13 September Video and Members meeting socially
Thur 21 September Trip to Fleet Air Museum at Yeovilton (Day corrected to Thur)
Wed 11 October A Royal Naval Officer will talk on the future of Naval Aviation
Wed 8 November Racing Gliders and Optimising Performance - Alfandi Darlington & Peter Masson
NOTE change to program
Wed 13 December Xmas Lunch (0pen to partners) 
Duncan Simpson's, retired Chief Test Pilot Dunsfold, talk has been brought forward from 8 November to 8 February.

Chris Roberts, best known to us as a Chief Test Pilot at Dunsfold, had an earlier career in the RAF and a later one in civil aviation, hence the three front office jobs.

David Scrimgeour was the CO of the Kestrel Evaluation Squadron so will talk to us from first hand experience.
The talk by Afandi Darlington and Peter Mason on 8 February has been changed to 8 November. Afandiis an experienced aerodynamicist and expert competition glider pilot who has worked for BAe and Richard Noble. Currently he is the Technical Director at Farnborough Aircraft Corporation Ltd, developers of the F1 single engine turboprop aircraft.
Peter was world gliding champion in the club class at the 2001 contest held in Australia; he was the youngest ever person to win a gliding world championship. He is a freelance web developer.