Programme of Events - 2008 updated 26Jan09

At 2:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month there will be a meeting, normally at the YMCA Hawker Centre (was the Hawker Sports and Social Club), Lower Ham Road, Kingston on Thames, unless indicated otherwise. There is a well stocked bar, and good inexpensive lunches and snacks are available. We hope members will avail themselves of these. There is plenty of free parking space.
Hawker Centre

 Wed 9 January  Social gathering with annual quiz
 Wed 13 February  The Future of Naval Aviation - Commodore Gerry Stanford RN Assistant Chief of Staff Carrier Strike and Aviation
 Wed 12 March  Flying Hawker Aircraft - Capt Eric 'Winkle' Brown
 Wed 9 April  Annual General Meeting and Video
 Wed 14 May  Personal Reflections on Hawker Thoroughbreds - Air Vice-Marshal George Black
 Wed 11 June  Summer Barbeque at the Hawker Centre - contact Ken Batstone for details: 01932 229938
 Wed 9 July  Test Flying Experiences of Hawker types - Al Merriman
 Wed 13 August  Social gathering and Video
 Wed 10 September  Social gathering and Video
 Wed 8 October  Airships - The story of Lighter-than-Air Flight - Brian Hussey
 Wed 15 October  Visit to the RAF Club at 121 Piccadilly with lunch, hosted by Ambrose Barber and Duncan
 Simpson. Meet at 11.30 am in the lobby. ESSENTIAL to book with Barry Pegram. Addition visit
 Wed 12 November  Restoring and Operating Hawker Biplanes - Guy Black
 Wed 10 December  Xmas Lunch at the Hawker Centre
'Winkle' Brown, the famous naval test pilot, has flown 487 basic types (that excludes Marks) and has made 2407 deck landings.

Among other things George Black was Field Commander for RAF Germany during Harrier I days.

Brian Hussey is an airship enthusiast.
The RAF Club visit on 15th October is limited to about twenty people and will cost £20 to cover the hire of a room and lunch. Jacket and tie required.
ESSENTIAL to Book with Barry Pegram on 01306 631125.

Guy Black
is the founder of the Historic Aircraft Collection (see newsletter 16 'Restoring Hawker Biplanes').