Programme of Events - 2011 updated 1Nov2011

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At 2:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month there will be a meeting, normally at the YMCA Hawker Centre (was the Hawker Sports and Social Club), Lower Ham Road, Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT2 5BH, map, Telephone: 020 8296 9747,  unless indicated otherwise. There is a well stocked bar, and good inexpensive lunches and snacks are available. We hope members will avail themselves of these. There is plenty of free parking space.
Hawker Centre

2011 PROGRAMME  tbd = To Be Decided
 Wed 12th Jan  Social gathering with annual quiz by Les Palmer
 Wed 9th Feb  Flight Testing the Joint Strike Fighter - Graham Tomlinson 
 Wed 9th Mar  'A picture's worth 10,000 words.' - David Hassard
 Wed 13th Apr  Annual General Meeting and video
 Wed 11th May  Hawker Hunter Aviation - Mat Potulski
 Wed 8th Jun  Summer barbecue
 Wed 13th Jul  Miniature gas turbines - James Hill
 Wed10th Aug  Social with video
Wed 14th Sep  Social with video
Thur 22nd Sep
 Visit to Airfix (Hornby) at Margate, coach leaves Hawker Centre at 9 am
Wed 12th Oct
 Poacher turned Gamekeeper - Alan Millican
Wed 9th Nov
 Traumas of Ferry Flying - Andy Jones
Wed 14th Dec
 Christmas lunch
     Graham Tomlinson was our last Chief Test Pilot at Dunsfold and for several year has been the BAES pilot in the USA flight testing the STOVL version of the Joint Strike Fighter. He has only recently retired and returned to the UK.
     Member David Hassard will show us aviation advertising art.
    Mat Potulski is Managing Director of HHA who run a fleet of Hunters under contract to the MoD.
    James Hill is Chairman of the Gas Turbine Builders Association.
    Allan Millican joined as a craft Apprentice and then was part of the Ground Test Services team designing test rig control systems. After being Head of Design Computing he moved away from Design and was our last General Manager.
    Unless stated otherwise, meetings are at the Hawker Centre, Kingston - the old Sports & Social Club - and start at 2.00 pm. Lunch and drinks are available beforehand, tea afterwards, and there is a large, free car park.