Programme of Events updated 12Mar2018

At 2:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month there will be a meeting, normally at the YMCA Hawker Centre (was the Hawker Sports and Social Club), Lower Ham Road, Kingston on Thames, Kingston,
KT2 5BH unless indicated otherwise.
There is a well stocked bar, and good inexpensive lunches and snacks are available. We hope members will avail themselves of these. There is plenty of free parking space.
 Hawker Centre

Wednesday 11 January Social gathering with annual quiz - Chris Farara
Wednesday 8 February F105 Thunderchief - Gp Capt Jock Heron
Wednesday 8 March
Aircrarft I have flown - Simon Hargreaves
Wednesday 12 April
Wednesday 10 May
Sea Harier, Super Etendard and F-35B - Lt Cdr Ian Sloan
Wednesday 14 June
Summer Barbecue
Wednesday 12 July
48 years in a rotary dryer - Nick Kidd
Wednesday 9 August
Social with video
Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September Richmond Road Factory centenary exhibition at the Hawker Centre
Wednesday 13 September
Social with video
Wednesday 27 September Summer visit - RNAS (Yeolvilton) airside
Wednesday 11 October
UAVs - Lambert Dopping-Hepenstal
Wednesday 8 November
Life with the Red Arrows - Mark Zanker
Wednesday 13 December
Xmas Lunch
    Unless stated otherwise, meetings are at the Hawker Centre, Kingston - the old Sports & Social Club - and start at 2.00 pm.
    Lunch and drinks are available beforehand, tea and coffee afterwards, and there is a large, free car park.
    Simon Hargreaves was a RN Sea Harrier pilot, a Dunsfold and F-35B test pilot and deputy CTP at Warton
     Ian Sloan flew with the RN Historic Flight and with the Aeronavale flew the Super Etendard.
    Nick Kidd's background is predominantly rotary wing: 20 years Fleet Air Arm; pilot, instructor, examiner, test pilot, 10 years industry test pilot and chief pilot, 17 years The Queen's Helicopter Flight Chief Training Captain, 140 different types and marks of fixed and rotary wing, 13,000 hours flight time. His presentation of photos and video will cover the technical and operational aspects of those helicopter roles from 1969 to 2017.
    Lambert Dopping-Hepenstal was a Kingston systems engineer and is now Engineering Director, Systems and Strategy at Warton.
   Mark Zanker joined the RAF in 1981, and trained as a fast jet pilot, soon to fly the Harrier GR3.  He is now a Captain flying the 747 freighter for Cathay Pacific.