Programme of Events updated 22Jan2019

At14:00 on the second Wednesday of each month there will be a meeting, normally at the YMCA Hawker Centre (was the Hawker Sports and Social Club), Lower Ham Road, Kingston on Thames, Kingston, KT2 5BH unless indicated otherwise. There is a well stocked bar, and good inexpensive lunches and snacks are available. We hope members will avail themselves of these. There is plenty of free parking space.
 Hawker Centre

Wednesday 9 January Special social; members sharing their hobbies and interests
Wednesday 13 February Pioneers in Aviation (from Kites to Thunderbirds) - Chris Roberts, note change
Wednesday 13 March Fresh interests since retirement - Ambrose Barber
Wednesday 10 April AGM
Wednesday 8 May
Aircraft Development - Karl Wingett-Smith
Wednesday 12 June
Summer Barbecue
Wednesday 10 July
The JSF Story - Mick Mansell
Wednesday 14 August
Wednesday 11 September
Wednesday 9 October
Hawker non V/STOL jet projects - Tony Butler

Chris Roberts, our Chairman, after retiring as Chief Test Pilot Dunsfold joined the commercial aviation world as a captain and manager.
 Mick Mansell will be remembered in Systems Engineering at Kingston but became Technology Director at Warton.

Unless stated otherwise, meetings are at 'YMCA Hawker, Kingston - the old Sports & Social Club - and start at 14.00. Lunch and drinks are available beforehand, tea afterwards, and there is a large, free car park.