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 Guide to Virtual Meetings using Zoom updated 21Feb2021

The Hawker Association has been too quiet since March 2020 so the committee is taking up an offer to hold virtual meetings through Zoom, hosted by Association member David Priddy. We are very grateful for his offer.

 Whilst vaccines are available there is no guarantee that any degree of normality will return any time soon.

The committee is very aware that only a small percentage of the membership has access to the usual venue in Kingston, so we believe that looking at the facilities available by ‘Zoom’ could well benefit the Association. Perhaps in the future any meetings held in Kingston, in the old fashion way, could be repeated in the virtual world.

Chris Roberts, Chairman

Zoom works on Windows PCs (laptops are usually the best option), although Linux, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Smartphones can be used.

If you haven't already installed Zoom on your device please download and install it in advance from or your AppStore / PlayStore. Not doing this in advance will delay you joining the meeting.

 'Doors' will be open from around 20 minutes before the meeting starts to avoid a  rush!  There is a limit on the number of users, so it will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

An email is sent to members with a link to register for a Zoom Meeting; simply click on the link and enter your details and you will receive an email with a link to join the meeting and a meeting ID and Passcode which shouldn’t be needed.

If you haven’t installed Zoom, it will download; select Run to install and run Zoom. Once it runs, click the large Join Meeting icon; you may need to enter the Meeting ID and Passcode.

You may enter a Waiting Room before entering the main meeting. Please use the 'Connect using Device Audio' option (the actual words vary according to your device) and turn your camera on if you have one. Please do not sit with light behind you as it degrades your image.

Depending on the number joining you may be placed into a separate 'breakout room' so you can chat while others join. You will automatically be returned to the main meeting before it starts.

PC users will be able to view up to 49 people at a time (depending on your screen size) with a symbol to move left/ right on screen to view all at the meeting.  iPhones can view 9 and Android devices 4. Non-PC users will be able to swipe their screens left and right to see more people, or swipe fully left to right to see the speaker only.

During the meeting your microphone will be muted. If you need to speak you can unmute yourself using a control button on your screen.

 Please be aware that if you use the link at other times you may find yourself in church as we have  permission to piggy back on the Ashford Common Baptist Church account.

Zoom is easy to use. Since the first shut down my sailing club has used zoom very successfully for committee meetings and some general meetings.