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News updated 14Jun2022

Next Events

Wednesday 10 August There will be a committee meeting at 11:00. There will not be a meeting in the afternoon

13 Septenber There was a plan to visit the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) museum and centrifuge test facility but this visit will not proceed at this time. As an alternative, a visit to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, (BDAC) is being planned for Friday 23rd September, and a notice giving full details of this will be e-mailed to members.

13 July David Hassard gave a very illuminating talk ‘A Picture is Worth 10000 Words’  A link to a Video  will be sent to members. David very kindly re-recorded the talk to circumvent the technical issues experienced on the day. Those who heard the talk may like to watch it again, but I am sure everyone will find it interesting. Please respect the rule that this video is only for Members of the Hawker Association and do not pass the link to others. David Priddy

09 March Angela Bailey gave a fascinating talk on the life of her father Frank Murphy “From Fighter Pilot to Test Pilot”.

26 February Newsletter 63 Spring 2022 PDF is available online.

09 February  Robin Trewinnard-Boyle gave an extremely interesting talk on the UK involvement in the F-35 Flight Test at NAS Patuxent River, MD, including First of Class Flying Trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth. He said the F-45 will do almost everything the Harrier will do; better and is much easier to fly. We have 15% of the world wide F-45 contract which earns us more than what our fleet cost. Unfortunately due to Covid the Zoom broadcast couldn’t take place. A recording is available to Hawker Association members on a YouTube unlisted channel.

01Feb  A few years ago Cranfield University made a video of Ralph Hooper and Michael Pryce has sent me a link members may find interesting. Ralph Hooper, Cranfield College of Aeronautics 1946-48, was in our very first cohort of students in 1946 and went on to become an extremely successful aeronautical engineer. He was the first designer of the Hawker Siddeley P.1127, the vertical-take-off-and-landing aeroplane which evolved into the revolutionary Harrier

Kingston Aviation Centenary Project (KACP)

The website continues to be updated with very interesting weekly stories of Sopwith 100 years ago, Hawker People stories and photos added to the gallery.

There is a very interesting set of PDF files giving a short history of the Ham factory; best to return to the Menu, from a pdf file display, using the back arrow or backspace key.

Brooklands Museum

The Re-Engineering Brooklands project.

The museum needs volunteers; could you spend a few hours a week helping out. More.


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From November 2020 we have provided talks to members using Zoom; catalogue of talks recorded and available as unlisted on YouTube by a link.

 Most of the talks given to the Association are videoed by Richard Cannon. If you missed a talk many are available as a video DVD; the List 2003-2009 is a web page with links to the newsletter stories of talks.

Association Ties are available at a cost of £7.50. Details

Are you a Member ? If you have worked for Hawkers or a successor company you are eligible to join. In addition membership may, at the discretion of the Committee, also be granted to those people who share the interests and aims of the Association. Check the list of qualifying companies. The subscription is only £7. Membership Application form; PDF Document (3kb).

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