Life and Career of Harry Hawker 1889 to 1921 - Story by Frank Rainsborough Photos

On 13 October 2021 David Hassard talked on “The extraordinary life and career of Harry Hawker 1889 to 1921”

David used over a hundred contemporary photographs to illustrate Harry's achievements from his early life in Australia, through his competition and test flying for Sopwith to his attempt to fly across the Atlantic and his motor racing at Brooklands.

This talk was notable for two important reasons.  It was the first talk at the TYMCA Hawker since the Association's previous talk in March 2020 when following lockdown rules the YMCA Hawker closed its doors. This first talk also had a very appropriate subject!

The other notable reason was that it was the first 'hybrid' talk at the YMCA Hawker by the Hawker Association. 'Hybrid' means addressing an on-site audience with a simultaneous broadcast to a worldwide audience. An invitation was emailed to 245 Hawker Association members and a link offered to enable them to participate on the day, using a Zoom link. Approximately 50 attended on Zoom and 23 attended as the on-site audience.

David's talk was preceded by President Colin Wilson's introduction and following David's comprehensive coverage of Harry Hawker's life and achievements, supported by photographs at every step, Speaker Secretary Frank Rainsborough chaired a short Q & A session, which itself was notable in that there was proved to be a worldwide participating audience when one question came from America and another question came from Australia!

That part of the meeting was closed by Frank initiating a well deserved applause for the two Davids, David Hassard and David Priddy.

David Priddy has recently offered the Association his knowledge of managing the Zoom processes and this has proved to be a significant new ability for talks at Kingston now able to reach a worldwide audience. David applied that knowledge to very competently manage the computers that between them coordinated an on-site audience and a Zoom audience, and recorded the talk for later access by a link to a private YouTube channel.

At the conclusion of this, the Association's first talk at the YMCA Hawker since Covid lock down was imposed, Ken Batstone organised the meeting's raffle and four winners collected prizes. Ken also organises the BBQ and the Christmas lunch, when those events are possible.