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Newsletter 5
Spring 2004
Updated on 29Mar2004

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Boeing delivered the last Harrier, an EAV 8B+ for the Spanish Navy, on the 5th December 2003 at a ceremony in Building 42 at their St Louis facility.

Unlike BAE Systems, Boeing invited "folks from the RAF and former BAe guys" as our old McAir colleague Don McGovern put it.

The St Louis Post Dispatch reported that the aircraft, accepted by Vice Admiral Enrique Valdes, was 911th Harrier. Can anybody check this?

RAF Sgt Rod Urich was the Senior NCO in charge of the recovery of an Iraqi Fury T61 No 329 (ex VZ348) from Shaibah after the recent war.

Rod would like information on the original delivery colour scheme as at present it has "been given a go from about every variation of colour available from the local Iraqi B&Q!"

The aircraft is held in a secure store at Basrah International Airport pending permission to bring it to the UK for repair and conservation.