This slim but dense volume (ISBN 978-0-9561951-1-1) by professional historian Dr Michael Pryce, well known as a Member and speaker to the Association, and published by Blue Envoy Press in the new Project Tech Profiles series, is a tour de force of technical-historical-political research. It is also beautifully presented and profusely illustrated with black and white and colour illustrations as well as many fascinating original g.a. drawings, most never published before.

The account of the internal and external politics explains the lack of BAe funding, the long timescale and reasons for the many versions. Appendices list the main variants, show the models tested, look at other Kingston twin boom projects and summarise the main events.

Book Review - Bae P.1216 Supersonic Astovl Aircraft


 This is the fascinating story of, as the author says, “the last significant attempt at creating an indigenous fighter aircraft by the UK.” Here is a ‘what might have been’ project of which ‘Hawkers’ can be proud. No ‘Hawker’ enthusiast should be without a copy. Mike acknowledges the help given by many members of the Kingston design team and dedicates the book to Garry Lockley’s memory. Buy it from for just 9.95.