On April 13th a total of 36 members attended this Hybrid Zoom meeting, 22 attending in person and 14 by Zoom. These conscientious Members were rewarded after the AGM by a talk given by Chris Hodson on Hawk XX154’s last flight (reported below).
    The Chairman’s Report Chris Roberts noted that 2021 had been a bitter-sweet year for the Hawker Association.
    The introduction of Zoom allowed the Association to be up and running whilst still socially distancing. Zoom was fully established in a hybrid form, transmitting talks live from the YMCA Hawker Centre. Like the Newsletter, Zoom helps our widespread membership feel more included. However, the Committee needs backup to operate Zoom on a long term basis. At present only one person, the Reverend David Priddy, is able to bring the essential technical skills to bear so a volunteer, who will be trained, is urgently needed.
    The two usual social functions were held in Kingston: the Summer Barbecue and the Christmas Lunch. Two Hawker aircraft milestones were celebrated: the 75th anniversary of the first flight of the Hunter and the 50th anniversary of the first flight of G-VTOL, the former by visiting WB188 at Tangmere, and the latter at Brooklands.

The 18th Annual General Meeting

Sadly, two Committee Members passed away: Barry Pegram, our Secretary, and Martin Pennell, our Treasurer. Barry was the main driving force in launching the Association. He had always been fully engaged in running all aspects of the Association. Martin had been a Committee Member for 14 years and was an outstanding Treasurer producing reliable and detailed financial records. It is very sad when close friends die and it had been very difficult losing both of these two key members in one year.
    Overall the Association is well and had bounced back from ‘The Great Inconvenience’. Activities had been widened and procedures updated to provide Members with electronic facilities for their involvement, for receiving Newsletters and paying subscriptions.
    However, all these tasks brought more work and a need for additional skills. Most Committee Members have been involved for many years and as a group put in a lot of time and effort. Also this year Committee member Wilf Firth, a founder member, had retired. Chris thanked him for his long service and wise counsel over the years.
    In the past five years only five Association members had stepped forward to join the Committee. They were gratefully welcomed but now more help is needed. In the short term a new Treasurer is urgently needed.
    It is also time to think outside the box. Members who have some computer capabilities can assist from afar by helping with our increased use of digital facilities and the internet. It is not necessary to get to Kingston; the very nature of the help needed can be provided at a distance: electronic distribution of newsletters, routine communications and record keeping can all be done by embracing the ‘WFH’ revolution, working from home.
    We can meet by Zoom, talk on the telephone and e-mail each other. Members must not feel excluded by distance and are asked to come forward to help keep the Association running.
    Secretary’s Report Dick Poole noted that in sorting out Barry Pegram’s HA affairs it was discovered just how much he was involved in almost every aspect of the Association and was taking on too much of the administration. As a result the post of Membership Secretary had been created, now filled by Diana Dean, leaving just the general administration to the Secretary. A new Treasurer is also required. Covid in general and Martin’s period of ill health in particular prevented the ‘audit’ of our recent accounts but a financial statement followed in the Treasurer’s report presented by the Chairman.
    Our liaison with Brooklands had continued with the support of G-VTOL and G-HAWK by a team of Brooklands volunteers most of whom are also Hawker Association members. Hunter XL623 is now being renovated in Spartan conditions at Dunsfold. When completed it is intended to site it near the Richmond Road Factory. Other activities had been covered by the chairman.
    Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of the Accounts The Chairman had prepared and presented a Final Income and Expenditure Statement as follows:
Bank Balance as at 1st January 2021 - 2,759.82. Estimated Income for the year - 2,310.00. Opening balance plus estimated 2021 income - 5,069.82. Estimated expenditure 2021 - 2,464.20. Estimated end of year balance - 2,605.62. Estimated deficit for the year - 154.20. Bank Balance as at 31st December 2021 - 2,545.65
Indicated deficit for the year due to unavailable data - 214.17.
    The chairman explained that he prepared this statement using all available data and that most can be supported by bank statements, cheque book references and invoices etc. Some inputs were estimates based on past information but are nevertheless considered to be close enough to provide a fair Final Income and Expenditure Statement for the period. Normally the accounts show an end of year credit but this year there were two extraordinary items of expenditure: some equipment to improve the Zoom performance and the three banner displays to promote the Kingston aircraft story by G-VTOL in the Flight Shed at Brooklands. The accounts show an unaccountable short fall of 59.97 which will not be further investigated.
    Membership Secretary’s Report Diana Dean reported that the Association has 316 members including 44 ladies. Thirteen members are from overseas: Spain, South Africa, Germany, Australia, USA, France, Ireland and Switzerland. Sadly the following members passed away since the last AGM: Roy Braybrook, Juliette Hassard, Brian Monk, Barry Pegram, Rosemary Pegram, Martin Pennell, Geoffrey Wilshire, Jack Mills and Peter Alexander. We welcomed 10 new members: Dave Berryman, Richard Hemsley, Kenneth Miles, Andy Silk, Peter Sutton, Mark Vellacott, Mark Walsingham, Cullum Watkins, Fiona Watkins and Joshua Watkins. Finally, the Membership Secretary reminded the meeting that the 2022/2023 annual subscriptions are now due.
    Election of Chairman The Chairman, Chris Roberts, was elected in April 2017 and the Association Constitution requires him to retire after the two year term, but is eligible for re-election. In 2021 he was re-elected for a 4th year. Since no new nominations were received in 2020 or 2021 and none were received by 1st April 2022 he has agreed to continue for another term of 2 years but will take a break from day to day involvement for a few months. Colin Wilson, President, will stand in and temporarily assume the Chairman’s voting rights on the Committee.
    Election of Committee At the last AGM the whole committee was re-elected for a period of one year after a year of uncertainty caused by Covid 19 restrictions. It was now necessary to vote in the whole committee for the usual period of two years, with the exception of the President, Colin Wilson, whose 5 year term continues until 2023. A request for nominations for new committee members resulted in Kieron Kirk, who has been active with Chris Farara in the ‘Hawker’ Archive at Brooklands, volunteering. The Committee now comprises: Ambrose Barber (Vice President), Ken Batstone (liaison with YMCA), Richard Cannon (Webmaster and Communications), Diana Dean (Membership Secretary),Chris Farara (Newsletter Editor), David Hassard (Kingston Aviation Centenary Project), Dick Poole (Secretary), David Priddy (Zoom Project Leader), Frank Rainsborough (Speaker Secretary), Paul Rash (Hunter XL623 Team Leader).
    Speaker Secretary’s Report During the year he had arranged the following meeting talks: Harrier 809 by Rowland White (author of the book by the same name), Evolution of Aviation – Cayley to Concorde by Karl Smith, Leo The World’s First Business Computer by Neville Lyons, Harry Hawker – Pioneer Aviator by David Hassard, Hawker Hurricane – Dispelling Historical Myths by Stephen Philpott, F-35 Flight Testing by Lt Cdr Robin Trewinnard-Boyle, Frank Murphy – Fighter Pilot to Test Pilot by his daughter Angela Bailey.
    Zoom Manager’s Report David Priddy reported that a number of technical issues had been resolved but that there are occasional difficulties with the Hybrid operation. There had been eight Hybrid presentations and the last AGM was also by Zoom. There was one meeting without Zoom due to the non-availability of a trained back-up when David had to self- isolate. The committee has recognised the need to appoint a deputy. At the moment the Association has purchased some equipment but will need to purchase more to replace currently borrowed major elements.

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