Book Reviews

Issue 39 of the ever surprising Aviation Historian covers the selection of the Shorts Tucano, companion RAF trainer to the Hawk, and Prof Keith Hayward starts a three part series on politics and the Comet. Issue 40 has a treat for ‘Hawker’ people; a piece by the late Roy Braybrook on his time working with the Germans on NBMR3 projects, culminating in his P.1163/1170, and Chris Gibson reveals plans to use maritime strike Buccaneers in the Falklands war.

Membership News

Due to the AGM report there is not enough room in this Newsletter time for a full Membership List.
    However, since NL.63 we sadly record the deaths of Martin Pennell, Peter Alexander, Rosemary Pegram, Jack Mills and Russ Fairchild and send their families and friends sincere condolences.
    We welcome new members David Berryman, Lewis Gayland, Richard Hemsley, Ralph Sutton and Andy Silk.
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