Thank you for your contributions to the Newsletter. This issue is too full with the AGM report and reports on talks to include them. Don’t worry, I value them and they will be published as space allows.

    The Committee would like help in finding speakers. If you would like to tell about your time with ‘Hawker’ or in aeronautics/aviation, or could recommend anyone who would, please contact the Speaker Secretary at <frankrainsborough@gmail.com>. Talks would be best given at the Kingston Hawker Centre but could also be delivered remotely by Zoom. Please help if you possibly can. Thank you.

Chris Farara

     Please note the availability of the Association online video library announced below. If you missed a talk or couldn’t go you can now see it at your leisure. Thank you Dave Priddy.
    To save costs the Committee also would like more Members to opt to receive the Newsletter by email only. Please let the secretary, Dick Poole, know at <secretaryhawkercommittee@gmail.com>.

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