Programme of Events 2021 updated 21ul2021

At 14:00 on the second Wednesday of each month there will be a meeting, normally at the YMCA Hawker Centre (was the Hawker Sports and Social Club), Lower Ham Road, Kingston on Thames, Kingston, KT2 5BH unless indicated otherwise.
There is a well stocked bar, and good inexpensive lunches and snacks are available. We hope members will avail themselves of these. There is plenty of free parking space.
Unfortunately due to Covid-19 all activities, except for Zoom virtual meetings and those after 14 July have been postponed or cancelled until further notice because the Hawker Centre is closed to us.
 Hawker Centre

Wednesday 13 January
The 1919 Great Trans-Atlantic Air Race won by Alcock and Brown in a Vickers Vimy - David Hassard. Zoom virtual meeting.
Wednesday 10 February
Ex-Dunsfold test pilots Chris RobertsHeinz Frick and Bernie Scott talking and answering questions on their experiences. Zoom virtual Forum.
Wednesday 10 March
The Evolution of 'The Royal Aero Club' to the Present day and Early Flying in Southern England - Dick Poole. Zoom virtual meeting.
Wednesday 14 April AGM followed by Colin Wilson talking on his art. Zoom virtual meeting.
Wednesday 12 May
The anniversary of the Falklands War - Rowland White. Zoom virtual meeting.
Wednesday 0f9 June
Aircraft Evolution - Karl Smith - Zoom virtual meeting.
Wednesday 14 July
‘LEO' (Lyons Electronic Office), the first Business Computer -  Neville Lyons. Zoom virtual meeting.
Tuesday 20 july
Visit to Tangmere Military Aviation Museum for First P1067 Hunter WB1888 70 anniversary of first flight. WB1888 is in the museum.
Wednesday  11 August
Summer BBQ will take place at the Hawker Center.
Wednesday 15  Serptember
Thursday 16  Serptember 50th Anniversary of G-Vtol (Brooklands Museum :: A Civil Jump-Jet Brooklands) first flght, activity TBA
Wednesday  13 October TBA
Wednesday  10 November
Wednesday 08 December

Speaker Profiles

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Neville Lyons
served as a Regular Royal Signals Officer for 31 years followed by a second career as Executive of National and European Electronics Trade Associations.
One of his retirement occupations has been researching his family history where he found proof of his relationship to Sir Joseph Lyons co-founder of J Lyons & Co, the giant catering company. Sir Joseph was a cousin to Neville`s grandfather and this led him to deeper research into the company`s history and the story of LEO.
Dick Poole is a trustee of the Royal Aero Club Trust. He started as a Vickers-Armstrongs apprentice in 1960.He worked as an aerodynamicist in the Military Aircraft Project Office. In 1969 he transferred to Flight Test at Wisley. He then transferred to the Concorde programme at Fairford until joining Hawker's Flight Development Department at Dunsfold. He was made Chief Flight Test Engineer in 1984 and was promoted in 1987 to the role of Assistant Chief Designer for the UK portion of the AV8B. This was followed with a number of Chief Engineer type roles at Kingston until moving to Warton as Chief Engineer Light Combat Aircraft and New Jet Trainers. He finished his career working on Sea Harrier replacements and JSF, first with McDonnel -Douglas and then Lockheed-Martin. He retired as a consultant in 2000



   Rowland White is a best-selling author. He grew up in Cambridge, and began learning and writing about aviation as a child, before studying Modern History at the University of Liverpool. He now lives in a village near Cambridge that is satisfyingly close to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford.

Karl Smith worked in the aircraft industry for 62 years. During his 2½ years in the Installations Department of HAL Kingston he witnessed the first tethered hover of the P.1127 prototype. His talk begins with the myth, legend and history of aviation.