Newsletter 9
Summer 2005
Updated on 9Jun2005
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The AGM was held on Saturday 23 April. However, rather disappointingly, only 15 Members turned up, apart from the President, the Chairman and 9 Committee members.

The Chairman, Ambrose Barber, noted that there were no elections this year as offices are held for two years. He went on to say that the Association had enjoyed a year of active and satisfactory consolidation, that activities had been well supported, that membership renewal, after some prompting, had been high and that the Newsletter had continued to be popular. He remarked that the Editor was relied on contributions from Members and urged them not to hang back. It was satisfying that past colleagues were re-establishing contact and that this included some associates who had worked alongside us and wished to continue that association. The Committee would like to welcome such people and a separate category of membership has been drafted for Members' future approval.

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Ambrose observed that we had been well served by our speakers on a wide range of topics (all have been reported in the Newsletter. Ed.). Following the successful Middle Wallop visit last September a coach visit to Duxford has been planned for 2005. The Chairman closed by thanking the Committee members for their efforts and by asking Members for their thoughts on how things might be improved. (write to the Editor. Ed.)

The Secretary, Barry Pegram, reported that since the last AGM membership had increased from 328 to 348. It was evident, he continued, that membership growth depended on personal contacts and recommendation by existing Members. The membership distribution was similar to last year: 66% local, 29% distant and 5% overseas. Ladies' membership had increased by 10% and working members accounted for about 18%. The Secretary had still not received membership renewals from 15 Members and that at the end of April it would be reluctantly assumed that they were no longer interested. Attendance at talks had been 50 - 70 and at social gatherings 25 - 30; the Christmas lunch and summer barbecue attracted 60 - 70. All events could therefore be viewed as successful.

The Treasurer, Mike Hoskins, reported that at the end of the financial year funds stood at a satisfactory £2427. We had had to pay for the use of the Hawker Centre but this had been well covered by Percy Collino's raffle, for which he was thanked. A donation had been given to the Royal Aeronautical Society for the restoration of a cartoon of Neville Duke which now hangs in the Members' Lounge. Although there was no immediate need to increase membership fees this might change if, say, Hawker Centre or printing charges went up. Mike thanked Ken Alexander for independently examining the accounts which were adopted by the Members present.