Newsletter 17
Summer 2007
Updated on 28Jul2007
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Published by the Hawker Association
for the Members.
Contents Hawker Association

    Ambrose Barber thanked Members for the good turn-out before moving on to a review of the year.
    There had been a full 'fixture list' of meetings although one team did fail to make an appearance! He noted that out of a membership of over three hundred, only a minority came to this familiar venue.
    As mentioned at last year's AGM the Association intended to support two projects concerning the memory of our most famous Chief Designer. The first was the refurbishment of his headstone and the second was to get the Royal Air Force Club to add Sir Sydney to their select group of bronze busts.
    A beautiful job was done on the headstone last summer and the bust was unveiled by his grand-daughter, Elizabeth Dickson, in February this year. The Association is pleased to have paid for the headstone and contributed to the bust.

Annual General Meeting - 11th April 2007. President's Report

    In addition the Association had presented to the RAF Club a framed collection of photographs and documents celebrating Hawker aircraft of the Camm design era, bearing an engraved plaque recording its presentation by the Association.
    The Association also supported a further printing of "The RAF Harrier Story", a most authoritative collection of first-hand accounts, including recollections by the late Air Cdre David Scrimgeour of the Tripartite Kestrel squadron.
     During the year our external visit was to the Fleet Air Arm Museum where we were given a hospitable reception and a guided tour. This year we plan to visit the RAF Museum.
    The Chairman trusted that Members agreed that the year's activities were consistent with the aims of the Association. He thanked the Committee members for their support and trusted that Members would echo his thanks for their initiatives and effort.