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Newsletter 18
Autumn 2007
Updated on 5Nov2007
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    The annual outing this year, on September 20, was to the RAF Museum at Hendon.
    Some seventeen Members found their way there where Barry Pegram had arranged for guided tours of the Graham White Factory hangar, the Milestones of Flight display and the Department of Research and Information Services.
    The first houses an outstanding collection of Warld War I aircraft, either originals or true replicas, and engines. Sopwith types studied were a One-and-a-Half  Strutter, a Triplane, a Pup and a Tabloid.
    In the second we saw a Camel, the ex-Dunsfold Hart, a Tempest V and a Harrier GRMk3 whose pilot was the first to report white flags over Stanley as the Argentines surrendered.
     Guides David Keen and Vernon Creek tailored the tour to suit Hawker interests and clearly enjoyed discussing detailed points with an enthusiastic party.
Royal Air Force Museum Visit

    We then moved on to the Dept. of Research where Senior Keeper Peter Elliott had laid out several interesting artefacts for our pleasure. Again, much enthusiasm was displayed in conversations with Peter.
    Perhaps the most fascinating was the little notebook used by Alcock and Brown to communicate in the noisy, open cockpit of the transatlantic Vimy. Also of great interest was the beautifully hand-written Sopwith Board Meeting Minutes book and a ledger listing Sopwith employees. A more modern item was a P.1129 brochure, Hawker's TSR.2 proposal.
    Afterwards members dispersed to view the rest of the exhibits which include a Typhoon, a Hart Trainer, a Tempest II and a Hurricane. The visit was undoubtedly a great success.