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Winter 2008
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Published by the Hawker Association
for the Members.
Copyright 2007. All rights reserved Hawker Association
    The 21 March 2007 marks the fifth anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the Association Committee which, amongst other important things, set the rules for membership. They still stand, with one amendment, and in essence are
1. Membership is open to anyone with an association by employment with the Hawker Companies, and to their widows or widowers.

2. Associate Membership may be offered, at the discretion of the Committee, to those who have rendered a service to the Association.          (Covers speakers, visit hosts etc.)

3. Associateship may be offered, at the discretion of the Committee, to those who, whilst not actual employees of the 'Hawker' companies, worked closely with them. (Covers MoD, R-R, McAir etc)    
The Future Of The Hawker Association

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    The Chairman and the Committee have been considering the future of the Association whose Members are mostly retired and not getting any younger!
    Options for the future include:
1. No change - in which case the Association will gradually fade away.
2. Take steps to prolong the life of the Association without changing the membership rules.
3. Take steps to make the Association self-perpetuating by changing the membership rules
   The Committee considered Option 1 to be a non-starter because they don't want the Association to die. Option 2 requires the recruiting of younger members from BAES at Farnborough. A problem here is that all our meetings are daytime and mid-week so working members usually can't attend.
    Evening meetings would solve that problem but then our primary group, older and retired, don't like driving in the dark (or do they?), nor do our older speakers. Should we hold some evening meetings? Should they be held at Farnborough, say?
    Should we have a 'Newsletter only' membership grade? On retirement they would become full members.
    Option 3 could open up membership to anyone with an interest in the aims of the Association or it could be limited to certain interest groups; HSA and BAe HQ people, for example. This option would change the 'family' feel of the Association; do we want this? This option could also cover a merger with another like-minded group, if there are any.
    Please give this matter some serious thought and at the AGM present your views on what changes you would be happy with and how they could be implemented. The Committee really needs your help.