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    ‘Pegasus - the Heart of the Harrier’ by Andrew Dow has just been published by Pen & Sword (ISBN: 978 1 84884 042 3) at 35. The author, who was Commercial Manager Pegasus from 1975, has done a magnificent job of research and writing to produce what must be the definitive work on the origins, development and service use of the unique Pegasus.
    This 543 page book starts with Wibault and his work on developing the vectored thrust concept and finishes with the Pegasus11-61, covering all marks of Pegasus on the way, as well as the BS100 and other projected Pegasus variants of which we have heard little before. Besides the P.1127, Kestrel and Harrier applications, the Dornier 31 programme is also well covered. Unusually, both technical, commercial and political aspects are examined, greatly adding to the value of the work. The book is well illustrated with many newly published photographs.
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    Appendices cover: a table of all the Pegasus engines built and in which type they were flown, a list of surviving early Pegasus engines, data on early project studies, performance data for service versions of the Pegasus, a list of Pegasus Chief Engineers and Chief Designers, a list of Falklands War engines, a table of BS100 variants and a lengthy bibliography. A thorough index completes the volume. Highly recommended. The author, known as George, will be speaking to the Association next year. We have a treat in store.
    ‘Hunter One - the Jet Heritage Story’ by Mike Phipp and our own Eric Hayward is published by Camberley (ISBN: 978 1 84868 244 23). Mike Phipp is historian of Bournemouth Airport and Eric was Chief Engineer of Jet Heritage for much of its existence and they tell the story of the pioneering days of military jet aircraft restoration to flight in England. The story starts with Spencer Flack in 1978 when, from Hawker Siddeley at Dunsfold, he bought and restored a Danish Hunter with the help of Bob Cole and Eric Hayward. This, the first restored jet ‘war bird’ in England was finished all red and registered G-HUNT. The book then covers the trials and tribulations of Spencer’s Hunter One organisation and its successor, Jet Heritage, the aircraft restored and the larger-than-life characters who spent huge amounts of money on their passion for flying them. This excellently produced 160 page soft-back book is profusely illustrated with dozens of monochrome photographs from the private collections of the people involved. There is also a 32 page colour section and an appendix giving full details of the fleets. Retailing at 19.99 Members can buy one direct from Eric Hayward at 16 inclusive of post and packing. Call him on 01202 875626 or write to Fairways, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 8BB.