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RAF Club Camm Memorial
     On 27 February the Sir Sydney Camm bronze was unveiled by Elizabeth Dickson, Camm's grand-daughter, at the RAF Club in Piccadilly.
    Addresses were given by Duncan Simpson, who initiated the project with the RAF Club on behalf of the Association, and Ambrose Barber, our Chairman and sculptor of the bust.
    Below the bust, and presented by the Association, is a large picture frame mounting photographs of Camm's most famous RAF aircraft, a list (with numbers built) of all his designs, biographical details and a photograph of the young Camm at Windsor.
    The Association also contributed to the cost of the bust. This all sits beside a similar bust and display for RJ Mitchell and his Spitfire. Honour is satisfied. 
    Richard Cannon took a video of the event which will be shown at a later meeting.

 Mitchel and Camm Busts

The bust of Sir Sydney Camm, designer of so many famous Hawker military aircraft, now occupies an alcove in the Royal Air Force Club alongside that of RJ Mitchell (left)

Camm bust Dixon unveil

The bronze portrait bust of Sir Sydney Camm CBE, being unveiled by his grand-daughter, Elizabeth Dickson