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Under this title the RAF Historical Society has published the proceedings of their Harrier seminar held at Filton in March 2005. The papers read are reproduced in its 130 hard bound illustrated pages, the whole being a definitive, concise and accurate account of the development of the vectored thrust concept and RAF Harrier operations from the first pilot conversions to today's 'Joint Force Harrier'.

 Accuracy is guaranteed because each author writes from first hand experience in his field. These expert contributors are John Coplin, Gordon Lewis, Ralph Hooper, John Farley, Air Cdre David Scrimgeour, Air Vice Marshal Peter Dodworth, Gp Capt Jock Heron, Air Vice Marshal Pat O'Reilly, Air Chief Marshal Sir Patrick Hine, Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire, Gp Capt Andy Colledge, Commander Bill Covington and Air Marshal Sir Reginald Harland.

The Association has purchased some copies and if you would like one, very reasonably priced  at £10 plus post and packing, please call Ralph Hooper on 020 8948 2581.

Cliff Bore has written a short memoir about his life and his time at Hawkers. This personal, perhaps even idiosyncratic, view of his part in Kingston events gives an insight into one of Hawkers' outstanding research and project engineers and covers in some detail his pioneering work on fatigue life calculation, the application of the area rule, and wing design.

I hope Cliff's example will prompt others to recall and record the parts they played in the history of our favourite aircraft company. In spite of some minor errors (for example, there were nine Kestrels, G-APUX was not the prototype two-seat Hunter, and Cuba was not subject to a blockade but to a US trade embargo) this home-published book produced to professional standards makes fascinating reading.

"My Path of Little Boredom" is available from Cliff on 020 8286 8676.