Newsletter 12
Spring 2006
Updated on 25Feb2006
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Arado crescent criticisms
Association ties
Beyond the Harrier
Christmas lunch
Col. John Driscoll
Comet to Hawk
Double testimonial
Hawk news
Hawker people news
Indian Harrier
Kingston heritage project
News of members
Not boring at all
Programme 2006
RAF Harrier story
RN CVF carrier and F-35b
Sea Harrier finale
Sea Fury racers
Sopwith stories
Thomas Allan Collinson
Who's who?  
Does anyone have a copy of 'Who's Who?' for 2003, 04 or 05? Is your office having a clear-out of redundant 'Who's Whos'? If so, Les Palmer would like to hear from you. He needs to borrow them for Kingston Aviation Heritage Project potential donor research. Please call him on 01748 460418. He will collect.

Ralph Hooper, our great Chief Engineer and designer of the P.1127, was 80 years old on January 30th. We all congratulate him and are very pleased to see the excellent recovery he has made from a recent hip replacement operation. He seems younger than ever!