Newsletter 3
Summer 2003

Updated on 01Jul2003



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Names only are given for legal reasons. If you wish to write to a Member put your letter in a plain stamped envelope and send it to the Editor who will forward it for you. If you know any 'Hawker' people who are not members, please tell them about the Association. Especially welcome are Production and Commercial people as they are under-represented at present.

This list will be updated in each Newsletter. Please let the editor know if there are any spelling mistakes or incorrect first names.

Sadly we must record that four Members died recently: Stan Williams, Danny Stephens, Brian Moon and Chris Hansford. Our sympathies go out to their families and friends.

CORRECTIONS The Editor apologises for errors in the last Newsletter. There were incorrect names in the Membership List; these have been corrected. Also Steve Apted is John's nephew, not son.

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A: Ken Alexander, Peter Alexander, John Allen, Terry Ansty, Steve Apted, John Arthur, Alan Auld, Bryan Austin.
B: Ambrose Barber, Ray Barber, Derek Barden, Peter Barker, Geoff Barrett, Ken Batstone, Dennis Baxter, Anne Beer, Keith Bollands, Paul Boon, Cliff Bore, Steve Bott, Bob Bounden, Alan Boyd, Roy Braybrook, Laurie Bridges, Ian Brine, Doug Britton, Peter Brown, Reg Burrell, Ron Bryan, Roy Budgen, George Bunt.
C: Bert Callan, Richard Cannon, Maurice Carlile, Chris Carter, Ken Causer, John Chacksfield, Colin Chandler, Keith Chapman, Reg Chester, Gerry Clapp, John Cockerill, Bob Coles, Percy Collino, Brian Coombes, David Cooper, Paul Cope, Nick Cox, Eric Crabbe, Ian Craig, Shirley Craig, John Crampton, Russ Culley, RG Curtis.
D: Roger Dabbs, Clive Dalley, Andy Dalton, John Davie, Ken Davies, Philippa Davies, Trevor Davies, Diana Dean, Norman Deviell, Lambert Dopping-Heppenstal, Jack Dowson, Dick Duffel, Jean Duffel, Peter Drye, Neville Duke, Chris Dunhill, Mike Dyke.
E: John Eacott, Andy Edwards, Dave Edwards, Frank Ewen.
F: Ian Falconer, Mike Fantham, Chris Farara, John Farley, John Farrow, Geoff Fieldus, Wilf Firth, Ann Fletcher, Richard Fletcher, Colin Flint, Dave Fowler, Mike Frain, Harry Fraser-Mitchell, Geoff French, Mike French, Heinz Frick.
G: Roy Gaff, John Gardner, Sandie Gear, Mark Gerrard, Tony Gibbs, Maurice Gilson, John Glasscock, Roy Goodheart, Eric Goose, John Gough, Andy Green, John Green, James Griffin, Barry Grimsey.
H: Douglas Halloway, Clive Handy, Dawn Harris, Brian Harvie, David Hastie, Eric Haywood, Bob Head, Frederick Hewitt, Merlin Hibbs, Richard Hickey, Peter Hickman, Reg Hippolite, Keith Hobbs, Chris Hodson, Gordon Hodson, Derek Holden, Doc Holliday, Ralph Hooper, Linda Hopkins, Paul Hopkins, Mike Hoskins, Dawn Howes, Terry Howes, Simon Howison, Gordon Hudson.
I: Pete I'Anson, John Ieronymides, Maive Impey, Brian Indge.

J: John Janes, Gordon Jefferson, David Jelley, John Johnson, Johnnie Johnson, Ian Jordan, Trevor Jordan, Alf Justin.
K: Brian Kent, Dennis Ketcher, Bill King, Dave King, Charles Kirk, Ralph Kuhn.
L: Barry Laight, Mike Laker, Charles Lamb, Richard Lane, George Latham, Pam Lawrence, Ron Leader, Geoff Lee, Mark Lewis, Vernon Lidstone, Andrew Lloyd, David Lockspeiser, Norman Long, Gordon Lorrimer.
M: Albert Magee, Al Mahoon, Mick Mansell, John Marsh, Bill Marshall, Bob Martin, Dennis Mason, June McKeon, Ronald Mears, Mike Mendoza, Jim Middleton, Kit Milford, Jack Mills, Brian Monk, Pauline Moore, Nicholas Morland, Pete Munday.
N: Martin Nash, Anthea Newman.
O: Roger O'Brien-Hill, Robin Owen.
P: Les Palmer, John Parker, John Partridge, Barry Pegram, Ted Pincombe, Dick Poole, Don Pratt, Dave Priddy.
Q: John Quinn.
R: Frank Rainsborough, Colin Raisey, Brian Ralton, Paul Rash, Diane Raymond, Wally Rayner, David Rees, Francis Rhodes, Geoff Richards, Bill Richardson, Chris Roberts, Malcolm Roscoe-Pond.
S: Helen Sadler, Ray Searle, Arthur Sharp, Bill Sherwood, Jack Simmonds, Sadie Simmonds, Duncan Simpson, Derek Sims, Gerry Sims, Don Smith, Harold Smith, Karl Smith, Pete Smith, Selwyn Smith, Roy Sparrow, Peter Spragg, Cora Stanbury, Vivian Stanbury, John Strange, Mike Stroud, Christine Strudwick, Tony Strudwick, Bill Swinchatt.
T: David Taylor, Stuart Taylor, Graham Tomlinson, Rod Tribick, Ron Trowell, Frank Tuck, Bert Turner.
U: John Underhill.
V: Herbert Valk.
W: Brian Walden, Terry Walker, David Ward, John Webb, Harry Webb, Patrick Webb, Graham Weller, Rob Welsh, Bryan West, Judith Westrop, Phil Wheatley, Jan White, Annette Williams, Colin Wilson, George Wilson, Paul Wilson, Dick Wise, George Woods, Len Woodward, Alan Woolley.