Newsletter 22
Autumn 2008
Updated on 11N2008
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Some BAE Systems Facts
    Did you know that BAES now employs more people in the USA than it does in the United Kingdom; 44,000 in the US vs 34,000 the UK? It also employs 4,300 in Saudi Arabia, 2,600 in Australia, 1,700 in Sweden and 500 in South Africa. BAES owns 20.5% of SAAB aircraft, 37.5% of MBDA missiles (together with EADS and Finmeccanica) and 33% of Eurofighter GmbH. Annual sales are more than 15.7 billion, the contribution to the UK GDP is 2.4 bn and exports are 4.1 bn. Current orders total 38.6 bn. The range of products includes manned and unmanned military aircraft, surface ships including manned and unmanned submarines, tanks and other military vehicles, artillery, munitions and electronics.    
Wings & Wheels

Another excellent flying and motoring display took place at Dunsfold on 24th August. After a wet morning the clouds cleared at midday for the Red Arrows Hawks to fly against a blue sky. Other 'Hawker' types included a Nimrod biplane from the Fighter Collection, two Hurricanes from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Hangar 11, a Sea Hawk from the Royal Navy Historic Flight and a two-seat Hunter from Delta Jets. 'Lesser' military types were a Typhoon (Eu not HAL), a Spitfire, a Dutch B-25 as operated from Dunsfold during the war, a Dakota and the splendid trans-Atlantic and England-Australia Vickers Vimy reproduction. Stunning aerobatic demonstrations, 'wing-walking' and unbelievable towed and free glider aerobatics made up the flying content. Numerous vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and modern supercars blasted along the runway in true Top Gear manner to entertain a record crowd. If you didn't get there make a note to go in 2009.